Enrage your Chicken and get a FREE Beta card

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Have you been using the Furious Chicken in your team lineup at battles? Or did you always forget to use it, just like me?

Since its release over 2 weeks ago, the Furious Chicken is already the most used cards in Steemmonsters due to its 0 mana. Perfect to fill an empty slot, as a tank, or snipe target, or at the back. I had written some tips for the Chicken, check it out here https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@jrvacation/how-to-chicken-strategy-and-analysis-splinterlands


But have you ever used it in a successful attack? At only 1 speed, this chicken is always the first monster to die. The only chance for it to land an attack is almost only at Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem ruleset.


So how about getting it to Enrage? This is the only ability of the Furious Chicken but I had never seen it activate before. For it to happen, it needs to take some damage, meaning a + health is needed from summoner or a fellow monster. Then it needs to survive an attack by an enemy monster, and long enough for its turn to attack the enemy.

Win a free Beta card

I would love to see a battle where the Furious Chicken gets enraged and launch an attack. If you have one, drop the battle link in the comment and I will send you a Beta card.


  • Must be a ranked or tournament battle. No Challenge
  • The Furious Chicken must enraged
  • The Chicken must launch an attack on the enemy
  • If your Chicken manage to attack once, I will give you a common card. If it attack twice, I will give a rare card. Attack 3 times or more, I will give you an EPIC card!
  • Limited to first 10 entries.

So go and use the Chicken and win some free cards now!


Did we get trolled by Splinterlands with this ability? Agreed, would love to see if anyone has seen this ability in action. With a health of 1 even at Max level,..would need an ability like retaliate to see this work would it not? That or like you said a health boost and a weak hit from a monster..

Yup I really want to see it happen. Suitable ruleset, extreme clever planning and placement, the right opponent, and lots and lots of luck needed. LOL

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Ha, my chicken is not at level 5 yet but interesting challenge, nice!

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Probably thats why nobody has dropped a link here yet. Maybe not many has a level 5 chicken.

there aren't too many to rent

Buy some and level up!😄

I would take you up on the offer but it seems almost impossible! Maybe someone who does the Blockchain scanning could find the % of matches using chickens that they successful proc

Haha I hope someone do that and drop the battle link here. Would love to see one.

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Still nothing... lol.
I'm dying to find out if it is at least possible :0)

Yeah and no one had drop any link yet. The closest I seen is by steamdan where his chicken took a hit and attack. But too bad it is under level 5 and didn’t have the enrage ability.

I saw jacekw was beaten by an enraged chicken yesterday or the day before.
I was happy to see that it was in fact possible 😉