Thorny Steemmonsters Battle

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

In this battle, I used the thorns ability of Lord Arianthus and Enchanted Defender to harm monsters using melee damage at the front and rear of my group.

My strategy was a success, my enchanted defender made it so that the enemies with sneak died before they could harm my other monsters, and the thorns ability of my Lord Arianthus allowed me to win the battle.

However, this could've also been easily lost if my opponent had opted to use monster with sneak that didn't use melee attack, I also would've been in hot water if my opponent had used monsters with the snipe ability instead of the ones they used with the sneak ability.

I like to use thorns often in my gameplay, however I often find that it was a waste because of choices my opponent made constructing their team.



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Hey! Great explanation of your battle!
I would LOVE to see some more formatting to your posts. Maybe an image or two even. 😎
Thanks for sharing to Twitter!
Hope to see something awesome next week!