Season 4 Announcement (10 new cards) & Giveaway - A Steem Monsters journey beginning from a Starter Pack - Act 8

I been fairly slack the last couple weeks, taking a break from playing most days. My attention was grabbed this morning, however, when I saw this tweet.

After doing some investigating, I found @SteemMonsters latest post. I also found the card images and have included them below.

I'll have to keep playing more actively since these cards will only be available as rewards. I imagine this will mean they'll be expensive at least to start off with. I'm happy they'll be a limited quantity as well.

I'm looking forward to the variety these new cards will provide in the strategic side of play. It seems the death team will soon have a Vampires 👍, and the ranks of the Neutral splinter are growing. I wonder if there will be a neutral summoner in future additions..

Rare Fire Imp

Common Sea Genie

Rare Mushroom Seer

Epic Divine Sorceress

Common Vampire

Epic Summoner Daria Dragonscale

Common Highland Archer

Common Rusty Android

Rare Hobgoblin

Legendary Arianthus

Daily Quests

A bit lazy of me, but these are the only two packs I've earn't since my last post.

Defend the borders.PNG

stiring the volcano.PNG

Giveaway 🎁

The first person who replies to this post with a screenshot of their first season 4 Reward Edition card (less than 24 hours until they should be available) will receive a centaur.

Thanks to those who are following along with my progress 👍

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It's Fun to start from the bottom and work your way up. You too can go from Apprentice to Master!

Get your own Starter Pack at the SteemMonsters website and meet us in Battle!

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This is a really interesting change. I bet these cards will be very valuable for the first time, before gradually declining in value as time passes. I'm looking forward to testing them out tough.

Ohhhh did I just missed it? Lol

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