Steem Monsters Daily Card Giveaway #15 No Resteem No Upvote No Follow 👊

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Hello Friends,

Created by @trisquelwhare
Welcome again in the @Steemmonsters card giveaway as the @ContestKings rule No Upvote 👆 No Follow No Resteem so the things you have to do is only follow one rule


The only thing you have to do is comment your
Steem ♨ User name.

How winner will be selected

The winner will be selected by random name choser 🎲 and the card will be sent to the winner and the winner will be announced in comment under it.

Participation Window

You can participate in it before the post payout mean under 7 days of the post payout.

Today Card

Every day their is a card which will be given to the winner. Today card

Feral Spirit

Feral Spirit (1).png

Good Luck

What you don, t had joined @SteemMonster now go and join


Join @ContestKings family Join Discord Server and visit @Contestkings .

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Join my discord for any question, help or for sponsoring in my contest


Your logic is questionable once again. When you talk to people don't call them robots, that's very rude.


Are you going to call me a robot again?

Winner Announcement

The winner is @joel0101. I had sent the card to @joel0101
Feral Spirit.png
Thanks all for participating.

Thank you that´s awesome new!

Your Welcome

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