No problem :D im on the list as it took more then 2 days for me to respond/see their warning; as im a huge sp holder they decided to make a exampe out of me; i hade lent out my posting key to a other person, who manidge to copy text from google with out refrecing it as we should do.

That is interesting. I have not heard about anyone so far, who gave their posting key to someone else. I would not give my posting key to no one, because anyone can ruin your Steem account by plagiarism, spamming, or by any other bad behavior.

ha ha mja having your mom asking to help, is a hassel, nagging begging from your mom, isent that easy to get out of; lesson is learnt and put me with my new my bff sc for 6mounths . I did check posts for a few weeks before but as you see, i dropped the ball...