Nunesso Nutrition and Natural Products Curation Post #19

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Nunesso's curation team looks for posts related to the Nutrition and Natural products industry on Steemit. We are looking for excellent posts that we feel deserve more exposure and higher payouts.

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The first post is from @krnel -- Getting to Know Herbs: Ashwagandha

From @krnel's series on getting to know herbs. We learn about the plant called Ashwagandha. Many use it to treat stress-related problems like insomnia. It has a long tradition in Ayurvedic use.

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The second post is from @artemislives -- The Natural Medicine of Bamboo

@artemislives describes the amazing health benefits of bamboo shoots and many qualities researched and historical use. It's interesting to find out about the nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots.

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The third post is from @mountainjewel -- Herbs for the Womb : Mystery Angelica - Can You ID It?

@mountainjewel has a bit of a twist to this post. She has a mystery Angelica that she would like to see identified. She has a bounty open if you can identify the plant. It's not Angelica sinensis. Can you id it?

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Nunesso compiles a list of Nutrition and Natural Product content each week.

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Grateful for the lovely curation and support - thank you from Northern Thailand. Resteemed.