4 Reasons You Get Sick

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4 Reasons You Get Sick

Here are the 4 reasons you get sick. If anyone says otherwise, they don't understand health or how the body was designed.

I do NOT support the allopathic medical-industrial complex that was expanded by Rockefeller in the last 1800s. Saying that, they were already working on harming people for at least 100 years prior to that.

He and his cohorts created the AMA (American Medical Association), put criminals in charge, and ran EVERY holistic practitioner out of town along with the government. Remember, the government is there to support the evils, NOT us, the 99%. It's always been that way.

These holistic practitioners had been helping people stay healthy for hundreds of years and the cost to see a doctor back then was peanuts because their intent was to HEAL, not keep you sick.

This is a fabulous book that I highly recommend you read.

It will even show very clearly how the government (worldwide) is involved in the crimes this allopathic medical-industrial complex committed on EVERYONE and continues to wreak havoc on us as a human race.

But it's NOT just the government who's involved, it's many evil corps, even corporations that have nothing to do (or you would think) with fake medicine.

Insurance, the banking industry, and so many more. They are ALL involved in the criminal medical industrial complex and this goes way back to the early to mid 1900s.

Even the animals are poisoned by these dangerous toxic pills made by petroleum that only harm the body. They don't help at all.

And what's even more disgusting is how many people actually continue to believe this criminal enterprise and the doctors who run and support it. They believe these white coats are their saviors and they scoff at ALL things natural which is where they come from - NATURE!

The Rockefellers and many other criminals did a good job at brainwashing everyone in what, 50 years?

I know my parents don't believe in anything natural and they were born in the 1940s.

And make NO MISTAKE, this was ALL done intentionally.

But saying that, it's our responsibility to educate ourselves and not consume what these criminals give us. Once you are told the truth, if you continue to ignore it, that's on YOU!

Why am I sick?

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