The crying of our planet tears of Gea /// El llanto de nuestro planeta, lagrimas de Gaia.

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Our mother perishes.

Humanity has come very far, nothing is it was before and it is all our fault, we have destroyed flora and wildlife that exists in this beautiful planet and even now we don't stop. What will we do when all our nature life is over? Maybe it will all just die , or maybe science will take us to another planet ... we do not know, The movie Wall-E has nothing of fictition, it's what will end up happening and not with a happy ending. The worst of all is that we're draging other species with us.

Nuestra madre perece.
La humanidad ha llegado muy lejos, ya nada es como antes y es nuestra culpa, hemos destruido flora y fauna que existe en este hermoso planeta y aun así no paramos ¿qué haremos cuando ya todo esto acabe? todo se terminará o tal vez la tecnología nos lleve a un nuevo planeta el cual también desvalorizaremos, aun no sabemos. La película Wall-E no tiene nada de ficticio, es lo que terminara pasando y no con un final feliz. Lo peor de todo es que arrastramos otras especies con nosotros.


Can we consider ourselves inteligent ? or even thinking beings? This is no longer human or maybe it is exactly what it means ..., we let ourselves be led by empty lives, by whom react to our post or if a person liked us and we stopped seeing the things that really matter, the big picture. It is not too late but the time is about to run out.

¿Nos podemos considerar seres pensantes? esto ya no es humano, nos dejamos llevar por vidas vacías, por quien nos dio like o si le gusto a esta persona y dejamos de ver las cosas que realmente importan. Aun no es tarde pero el tiempo está por agotarse.


I hope I'm not writing this in vain and at least one person and that I reach at least one mind. This planet is our mother, our home. We can not abandon something so precious and so alive. I invite you to inform yourself and be more considerate, not only for your own benefit, since the next generations could not even exist

Espero no estar escribiendo esto en vano y al menos a alguna persona reflexionar. Es nuestra madre, nuesto hogar. No podemos abandonar algo tan preciado y tan vivo. Los invito a que se informen y sean más considerados, no solo para su propio beneficio, ya que las próximas generaciones ni siquiera podrían existir..

I made this post inspired on The post of @Williamdixz and his drawing on Gea Our Mother Earth , I invite you to take a look since he is a new user and a young Venezuelan art student.

Hice esta publicación por inspiración en El post de @Williamdixz y su dibujo sobre Gea Nuestra madre Tierra, los invito a echarle un ojo ya que es un usuario nuevo, un joven venezolano estudiante de arte.


Gracias por la atención.

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for all the support.

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This is so True, we are our worst enemies in a way.
We have this beautiful earth and nature to enjoy and all The amazing animals that deserve to live and be left alone.

Much awarness has happened like you say but still there are to many animals hurtig because of us and our ignorance.
Throwing waste in nature that can kill animals or build things in their terratorry.

Its never to late to change things and leave a better world for our children.
To care for our neighbour and not be selfish...
A world run by LOVE instead of Power!

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"A world run by LOVE instead of Power!"

Thats the world I want to live in. <3

Maybe when we all see the life in this planet as our family and no something to rule on.

Same here 😊 Love is The way!

Well put my friend, se The life as our family and not as something to rule over. Thank you for sharing this and giving us a teminder... Think we all need that 😉👍

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Well I Just keep reading and reading about lots of species that are becoming extinct that I felt the need...

It is heartbreaking indeed to se the many beautiful animals being hunted and killed untill there's hardly any left of them.
They deserve their place in this world as much as we do ❤️

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Greed rules in the name of progress my friend.
Even if mankind is moved to another planet, they will find a way to destroy that new planet as well.
The day that nature dies, mankind will become extinct!

Thats why mankind have to evolve into the next step and become a race ruled by the love to life and natural coexistence.

Blessings for you too!!

Is so sad how could those people do that to the poor little puppies??? :(

:( letting Then to die like that... Sometimes I Wonder how could they sleep so quiet at night after doing those monstrosities...