10 interesting things about the world we live in ! #7

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Hello guys!
I'm back with 10 interesting things about the world we live in series..


  1. About 12 children are offered daily in maternities to other mothers than natural mothers. This statistic includes all countries of the world.
  2. A female ferret can die if, once it enters in heat, it will not find a male partner.
  3. Absolutely all children are born without ball of the knees. They form completely within the age range of 2-6 years.
  4. Did you know that ... over the course of a 70-year life, the heart of a man is beaten over 3 billion times?
  5. Did you know that a man throughout life, feeds for about 4 years?
  6. Giraffes and rats resist without water more than camels.
  7. American airlines saved $ 40,000 in 1987, removing an olive from the I class salads.
  8. If you chew gum while you chop the onion, you will not tear.
  9. All babies are born with blue eyes.
  10. A snail can sleep for 3 years.

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