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Hi friends, a few days ago looking on Steam to see what games have appeared, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Subnautica came out of the beta version. So, yesterday I bought the game and for 2 days I can not detach of this game.


For those who don't know what Subnautica is, I will explain the game basics in the following lines.

Subnautica is an open world game that takes place underwater, more precisely in the ocean and where you have survived to a crash that happened on your sapace ship.

Looks like you're the only survivor and your refuge is a capsule with which you was catapulted to can survive.

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So you will wake up in the middle of the ocean where you have to eat and drink water to survive while looking for all sorts of resources to build tools and vehicles to help you explore the ocean.

subnautica head.jpg

You will have to catch all kinds of fish to eat or to make water and each one in part will satisfy you hunger or thirst differently you will see ...


At the bottom of the ocean you will find all sorts of minerals such as copper, quartz, salt, gold, silver, tian, and other organic elements that will extract them from different plants. And here we have: rubber, lubricant and many others that will help you make tools or vehicles.


You will be able to build your own submarine and all kinds of interior elements with which you can decorated your base and you will discover many things in the game, no doubt it is a very complex game.

download (3).jpeg

You will discover a very well-developed aquatic ecosystem that gives you the impression that you are there by how well the elements of the ocean are described and how you have to survive in it.


It's not a graphical game and I do not think this was the intention of Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is clearly a very well-done survival game that you will love to play indifferently of your age.


For those who like this kind of games it will be a real pleasure to play, so I recommend it.

Have a good day!


Yeah i really like that kind of games good work sir

If more people would play these highly educative games the world would be completely different. However due to the wrong association of games with lost time, there are less and less kids playing games that are not instantly gratifying. Minecraft was a huge exception. Subnautica is also a nice game which hones some skills for the future adults.

there are many games like this and minecraft is also a game that I really like very much.