Gifts From Across The Pond

Hello Steemians!

Yesterday, I was so excited to receive a parcel in the mail from my friend @naltedtirt. I knew this was on its way, and have been annoying the mailman ever since I got the heads up that it had been dispatched from Hendersonville!

I had no idea what exciting coinage would be in my goody box, and couldn't wait to get in there!

Be still my beating heart. Crikey! (That one's for you, C 😂) What a lot of goodies.

So let's have a look at the little plastic pack first...

Lots of beautiful American coinage for me to geek over. See, @naltedtirt spotted that I've got a thing for US coinage, and like the amazing generous heart he is, jumped straight in to offer to send me some... kinda scarce here in the UK!

Okay... next...

Oh my oh my! I squealed opening this. A beautiful little 1940 silver dime, a 1905 liberty head v nickel, and an old key. See I collect keys too... and this clever sausage had picked up on this from a random blog photo a while ago!

I know nothing about this coin... so geekery will be needed...

A 1943 steel penny. These guys are usually copper, but because of the copper needed in the war, a few years were made in steel. @naltedtirt was telling me that if you ever find a 1943 copper version, these were made by mistake, are incredibly rare and are worth over $1m!!

And finally... from the little black pouch and so shiny almost impossible to photograph!...

My first golden state mint bullion coin. Isn't It gorgeous?!?!

Thank you so much my friend, I'm completely overwhelmed by such a lovely gift ❤

Evie x

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so so so special!!!!!

and i have NEVER seen a steel penny before - what a fabulous addition to a coin collection!!! and that key looks like it might unlock the gate to a secret garden! hehehe

awesome gifts from an awesome friend!!! way to go @naltedtirt!!! :)

(i still cant wait til i get home, snuggle under the covers on my recliner and watch my movie frm him! hehehehe)

but... after this weekend - i might snuggle deep and fall asleep hehehehe

I thought that about the key too 😍 such amazing gifts! Isn't that steel penny gorgeous? And I'm totally in love with the copper bullion coin too... actually, all of them.

Hope you get a nice rest after this weekend and get to snuggle under a blanket with the film 😁

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Nice collection! I think the other Quarter is for Indiana.

Thanks for the link!! Honestly, just the best surprise getting this little lot it the post :)

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Wow! I really dig that key! Very unique!

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Thanks Witty! It's in pride of place with my other keys :)

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That is some really amazing coins you got there...
The key is really cool too.. Unique 😍
@naltedtirt is such a great guy and he sure knows how to pick gifts.
You are Soo worth it my sweet sis and your stacking collection is starting to grow beautifully 😉👍 Evie pirate... Lol

Thank you for sharing... Gifts from friends are the best 🤗
Much Love 💖🌹💕

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Yay for being a pirate. I'm chuffed with my little stack of goodies 😍 Such a thoughtful parcel, I'm so blown away by my amazing friends here. E x

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The gold looking coin has Ulysses S. Grant's face on it. He was the 4 star General of the Army, under Abraham Lincoln during the American civil war. His face is also on the $50 bill. History says he was a great general. After the war he became the 18th President of the US. He made some progress in civil rights but had a very graft administration and is thought by many to be the worst President in American history.

The coin is $1 and is 88.5% copper.
There are 39 different presidential coins that were minted.

Ah thank you for fulfilling my geekery needs!!! I can't help it... These bits of history are what it's all about 😁

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You are so welcome! Thank you for the sweet post! Did you look on the edge of the gold coin? Instead of having ridges there are words printed.

Plurisusunum? I think that's what it says?

E Pluribus Unum.....latin for "out of many one"

Thank you for the sweet post! The gold coin with Grant on it.....have you looked at the edges? instead of ridges there is writing on the edge which is unique.

The 2 quarters are "State Quarters" each state has its own design. I sent you Montana and I don't remember the other one :-) If you need to know about any of the coins I am happy to research. Have a wonderful day!

Awesome coin pack! Good fun for all 😁👍👍
I dig that key too!

Such a brilliant surprise to receive in the post... and I can't explain my thing about keys... I just love them, so that was an amazing bonus 😍😍

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