Collections (Part 3) - 5 More Ounces of Silver! Silverbug Island & a classic from Crescent City Silver

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Hello Stackers!

After a wonderful father's day weekend, I'd like to continue with my stack review, aka "Collections". Feel free to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you'd like to get caught up. I've shown these before, but some may have missed them:


0509181816a - Copy.jpg
0509181816b - Copy.jpg

I love the chunkiness of this round, and with the exception of our botmaster friend, probably my favorite bug. I still need to find a capsule for it...

Silverbug Island

0520182021b - Copy.jpg
0520182025c - Copy.jpg

I'm missing the 2017 round; I think that's the one with the vortex/whirlpool and it really bothers me. I'll be adding that one soon enough!

One of the first rounds I ever purchased - the classic 2017 Debt Slavery from Crescent City:

0618182159 - Copy.jpg
0618182159a - Copy.jpg

I'm likely going to complete my Collections series with tomorrow's post. Once that is done, I am planning to run a little contest for the first time and send the lucky winner 1 or 2 SBD, why not? I'm not big on contests and raffles, but what the heck, let's do it. It will be simple, but if you're reading this and interested, I'd urge you to show each of the "collections" posts some extra love! hint, hint, wink, wink.

Thanks for spending some time with my content, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the posts! Best wishes and God bless!



Every time I see those 2oz Silver Bug coins it makes me want to buy the series. Maybe after I finish my Egypt collection I'll grab them. Thanks for sharing these.

The silverbug likes this one very much, cheers mate.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Nice looking coin!

Some extra love given! Debt slavery, that is a western problem indeed.

Have you tried the capsules made for the Queen's Beasts series on your 2oz rounds?

I like that you collect unique rounds. I like that Debt Slavery round. I'm going to look into getting some of those. I'll try to use them to buy stuff at the store.... or I'll try to pay my credit card bill with them. ;)