Collections (Part 4, Final) - 54.21543408360129 More Ounces of Silver! The rest of the stack is quite a mix!

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Hello Friends & Stackers!

I believe very much that one secret to a happy life is to do one's best to unburden themselves.

For this reason, I tend to speak plainly and honestly whenever possible. I'm not really a good liar and I don't like the mental anguish it causes me. With that in mind, the truth is that I really wanted to have a good theme for each of my "Collections" posts.

It didn't really happen.

My slight OCD kicked in when I left out the one bar in my first post, which ruined my plan for post 2 when I added it there for completeness sake, and so on, and so on. I'd like to end the nightmare now. So today I'm throwing in the rest of the stack so I can release my mind from this self-imposed madness and move the F on!

0619182240_HDR - Copy.jpg

0619182240 - Copy.jpg

0619182241 - Copy.jpg

...a bit closer:

0619182240d - Copy.jpg

0619182240c - Copy.jpg
0619182240a - Copy.jpg

There you have it! Once the 2018 Steemit rounds arrive, I'll be over 100 oz of AG! ...YAY!

I will be pausing my acquisition of Silver for a little while (I'll try). I'm coming into a period of time where I will need to brace for financial impact, and as much as I hate our fiat system, it does pay the bills, and I will be running those up soon. Luckily, we are blessed to NOT have to sell any assets or savings in order to pay for expected expenses. I am eternally grateful for that!

Contest Details

Although I'm calling this a contest, it's more of a very-humble conditional giveaway. To be clear, the winning criteria is my choice, awarded at my discretion, according to my rules. To be considered for winning 2 SBD, I would like interested parties to answer the following questions (all answers can be found in this post, and my posts here and here and here):

  1. Based on my posts, how much silver do I hold right now?
  2. How many 10 oz bars do I own?
  3. Which is the bar I left out "in that one post"?

I would like your answers in the comments. In a day or two, I will use to review who has up-voted each of the posts in the "Collections" series most consistently and with the greatest VP. In case of any ties or close-calls, I will give extra consideration to the friend who is most consistent historically and adds value to posts with thoughtful and/or encouraging commentary. Win or lose, comment or not, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE YOU ALL!




Idk why I haven't added you to my @ginabot notifications. Your posts always have the right bit of cynical humor to them, but I miss them in my feed usually. I'm in love with your hatred of the fiat system. Keep stacking when you can!

I've been wondering about the idea of delegating steem power. I wonder if it would be feasible to trade a delegation for a small bit of silver instead of for steem.

cool drawing

आपका बहुत-बहुत शुक्रिया कमेंट के लिए

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Sweet collection man, some pretty unique and cool semi-numismatic rounds in this showcase!