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Hello Thinkers!

One of my favorite bumper stickers reads something like, "Think, the government hasn't outlawed it yet". Great advice!

I am consistently astonished by how many people are quick to identify with a certain political party, but cannot tell you the first thing about some of the historical context that may have led to the underlying ideology. That is forgivable. What is NOT forgivable is choosing to remain ignorant and refusing to go read something. This is why I am so very grateful for some of the designs by Silver Shield. They make even the most ignorant stop to think for a moment. It also helps that the rounds are made of beautiful silver and low mintage numbers.

Check this one out:

0611181610a - Copy.jpg

Isn't she a beauty?

I will admit I tend towards traditional conservative values, but you'll never catch me exhibiting gang-mentality and ALWAYS siding with one side or another.


Almost anything else is a distraction and/or bullshit. Keep your identity politics, keep your big-brother, statist crap, keep your freedom-curbing regulations-under-the-guise-of-protecting me, and give me real freedom, real respect, humanity-loving morals, and good stewardship over our God-given flora and fauna! (I'm sure there's more to add, but I'll stop here.)

Moving along - In today's world of corporations being ruled legal people, vertical mergers, monopolies, oligarchies, abounding corruption, broken legal systems, and a bought MSM that is hard to trust no matter what you believe, I thought this round was a great reminder that all politics are rooted in ideology and many of these ideologies have been around for a long time. One need only look through history to judge the results of those ideologies for oneself.


Keep your thoughts balanced. Stay informed. Never stop learning!

Oh yeah, here is the gorgeous backside:

0611181610c - Copy.jpg

I am the lucky owner of #289 of 2158!

0611181611a - Copy.jpg

Thanks for stopping by brothers and sisters, God Bless!



Diggin this coin. Also, good find on the Politcal Spectrum info-graphic. kaBOOM!

Yes, yes, yes. It's all a guise to keep you distracted and divided. One of many reasons Steemit is the only social platform I use. I've not once argued politics on here, and it's great. Thanks for the great words @nofiat.

Awesome post and a very nice round indeed!! I agree with you that you should think and never be afraid to call out whatever side you stand on. All must be held to the same standard or the principles you claim to have mean nothing! Thanks for sharing!!

Totally agree. Great post. If you go to the extremes you end up at the same place with a Dictator.

You need to look at the Y-Axis though, with Liberty on one side and Authority on the other. Many are caught up in the Left-Right paradigm they don't see the extra dimension.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I'm a big fan of Chris Duane... That's a nice looking Round of Silver, but as a Collector, I'd never be holding it with my bare hands... That's a big no, no...

Yeah man, Chris Duane has some great ideas! From what I can tell, I'd probably agree with 90% of his views. As for the bare hands, most of these pictures are taken the moment I receive them, right before I put them in their plastic coffins. I try to make sure my hands are clean and dry as possible. Thanks for taking a look!

Great looking piece! I love the multiple circle rings around the sword.

I know! Sometimes I think the reverse looks better than the front!

Thanks @khamen!