Win a Kangaroo 1g Minted Gold Bar! (please read terms before upvote for eligibility)

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago (edited)

How can I be eligible for the gold?

  • Upvote this post (must be to 100% of available voting power)

  • This will give you 1 entry into the draw for the kangaroo gold!

  • If you resteem this post to your friends get yourself a 2nd entry!

How will the winner be chosen?

  • Once the post has finished in 7 days time.

  • I will collate all entries into the competition.

  • A randomized draw will decide the winner!

  • I will ship the prize to winners address.

  • 1g Minted Gold Bar currently worth AUD $67.91

As part of my commitment to building #steemsilvergold

  • 100% of this author's payout will be transferred to @silvergoldbotty

  • Then powered up to benefit the community!

What is the #steemsilvergold tag?

  • People on Steemit that enjoy talking about silver and gold metals.

  • Sharing pictures of each others coins & bars from all over the world.

  • The term "stacker" means a person that likes collecting.

  • Cool competitions run by members sharing their passion.


@o07 member of teamaustralia and steemsilvergold

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100% upvoted!

Cheers mate :)

100% upvoted! $0.30+

Please enter me, and thanks for supporting the tag!

Good Luck :)

Hopefully I am lucky!

Uuuh yeah

@stokjockey is on Board with a FULL 100% UP Vote and a Resteem. "I Love GOLD"
Contest, I am in...........

Upvoted 100% :)
I'm in ;)

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

just adding my 100% 0,04 cent upvote here. and being nr 72 i feel I still have a chance to win some real live gold
really exited for this

Done mate :) good luck to the RNG gods!

Thanks man I really appreciate it.

Dude, this is awesome, thanks for the supporting the #steemsilvergold tag.

Thank you!

It's great to be able to contribute.

Done, thanks santa! :)

Upvoted 100%... a whopping .04 cents so Good Luck to me I suppose! :D

100% Upvoted and resteemed! If you can't ship to the U.S. I understand.
Build the @silvergoldbotty's booty up bigger!

Dude! This community is getting seriously EPIC!
Proud to be a stacker with you homies!


Are you sure that's not you, or are you just trying to throw everyone off? :)

Hah! Go look at my shotgun video. That is me in it.

That dude is Philadelphia Collins a character in Trailer Park Boys show.
I dunno the actors name.......

Thank you for the contest!!! Happy Holidays!

Okay 100% upvote and resteem
I see a gram of gold has gone done since I last looked about a year or so ago....time to buy
How do you send it ... I bought a gram once that was embedded in a plastic card...I know strange but I was a member of some club. Since then I lost it and also am not a member anymore.


I can send it in the regular mail to any international address required.

The piece mentioned is physical gold that you can touch and feel in your hand.

cool stuff yay

Nice contest!

Thank you,

I wanted to find a way to help build the profile of the community...

Whilst raising funds for @silvergoldbotty in the process!

Awesome man!! That's very generous. I've got to start stacking soon... maybe this will be my first piece of gold... Time to buy me a safe :)

It's never too late, but what took you so long?

Head in the sand... LOL. Just normal life getting in the way, like buying a house, moving countries etc...

100% ^Vote^ and resteem!

May I use your contest as a template for my upcoming GAW???
It's a very good format, and generates lots of goodwill and revenue ;)
What would you add to it if you were to do it again?

You can use it if you like that's fine :)

Up-voted and Re-steemed. :D

%100 upvote resteem thank you for chance mate


If I win I will ask you to send it to a sibling of mine that lives in Australia.

No problem I can definitely help with that if you win.

If i should win this like i Never did before though, this Christmas would be awesome
, @o07 the man above is ur guild, i wish my self luckes,
Done the necessary things

Thanks for running this generous contest man!

Cheers @phelimint

Looking forward to next years steemit coins btw :)

This community is pretty awesome. Thanks for putting this on!

No worries mate :)

upvoted resteemed. such a generous contest. nice activity.

I like that picture. So, you just got upvoted for that.

100% upvoted..:-)
Take me in please

Keep up the fun - this bottys gunna be HUGE!

100% upvote and resteem @o07

Awesome! Great contest and very generous. I'm in for sure. Upvoted and Resteemed. Thank you!

Great job done by you

Good post my friend @o07

upvoted and resteemed!

100% upvote and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity @o07

Upvoted 100%, happy to help support the #steemsilvergold community! @ironshield

DONE & DONE!! Aussie Aussie Aussie.

Upvoted and resteemed. 100%,hell with my voting power it may as well be 1000% cause I don't count for much. Hahaha Great idea on raising for #steemsilvergold and it may get more people involved with the group

Put me down for 2 entries please :)

@o07 - this should be nice Christmas stocking material for stackers!

Upvoted at a hundo and resteemed!

Thanks mate

Cool! Who doesn't want to win gold. Thanks for the opportunity.

100% upvote, resteem, and followed!

Nice contest! Voted and resteemed. :-) #steemsilvergold community always seems to be doing something cool.

Upvoted and resteemed! 100% Thank you for the contest!

contest to win gold, nice, when I win there will be loads of pictures

Good Luck

gold helps me do yoga... (i hope)

Upvoted 100% and resteemed. good luck to everyone!

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