Back after a whole month

This year started somewhat strange for me due to various circumstances.

Also I seemed to have lost my spirit and enthusiasm to write my stories on Steemit. Basically I took a month sabbatical on Steemit.

However I kept supporting our wonderful ssg-community and also for the next month I remained my copper tier level.

But I think I am back! Back to write my regular posts, with the right spirit.

What a start of this year we had! Looking back at January we see all kinds of interesting developments. And looking at this list it is impressive.


What happened the last month:

  • Brexit
  • Increase of the stock markets after a mild crash in December
  • The FED being careful with their interest rates
  • Tarif war having its effect on Chinese economy. Negotiations with the US are starting cautiously
  • Yellow vests protesters still going strong in France
  • US Government shutdown
  • Gold up
  • Silver up
  • Copper up
  • Unfortunately no recovery of the price of steem

So looking at this list, January was not a dull month!

Looking at the prices of the metals, I remain positive for the longer term. For the short term I would not be surprised that a correction will come, but that is a normal market response.


Enjoy! And it is nice to be back!


Welcome back. A little sabbatical from Steem life sounds lovely. Hope you’ve returned refreshed and ready for raffles and steem rounds and all the fun ahead in 2019.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I'm trying to take it easy for a while, but I'm still keeping up with SSG, glad to see that you are back.

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Nice to see you back.

Once I will take a break as well.

You are welcome back. How can I purchase a silver metal?

Thank you all for your nice replies!