Dutch Golden Ducats 2019

Today I received my 2019 Golden Ducats from the Royal Dutch Mint.

Two wonderful coins added to my golden coin collection.

  1. A single Ducat with a weight of 3.494 grams. There are 798 pieces minted of this coin.
  2. A double Ducat with a weight of 6.988 grams. There are 634 pieces minted of this coin


Looking at the mintage, both coins are not extremely rare but the numbers are limited. This could have an effect on their future values. However I do not buy these coins as investment but are added to my coin collection.

Below some pictures of the unboxing process. Always exiting!





Oh my... my heart is beating so fast!!!! So very beautiful, @rolf.bakker. Thanks for showing us these lovely gold coins. The COA says "based on the original Ducat". So is it a restrike?


In this post of around 2 years ago I tell something about the history of these coins

Yes it is a restrike. Under the Dutch coinage Act, the Ducat is still an official coin and is minted yearly.

Ja heel mooi. Dit jaar heb ik overgeslagen. Ik post een tijdje niet meer tot ik klaar ben met het spelen van Nextcolony. Ik zit anders teveel achter de PC.

Zelf ook net weer begonnen met posten na meer dan 6 maanden “afwezigheid”. Druk op werk en andere interesses.
Ik was ook een beetje door mijn onderwerpen heen vond ik. Het werd meer van hetzelfde.
Ik probeer nu zo’n 2 tot 3 keer per week iets mede te delen.

Nextcolony?? Een game?

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