Gold for 2019

During the last days of the year, we see all kinds of predictions published on how the price of gold will behave in 2019.

Specially the Bulls see the price evolve to levels of around $ 1,500 an ounce.

Haven’t we heard that before??

Out of all these predictions, I would like to share an article on by Victor Dergunov of Albright investing group:


He elaborates the next year in a nice article of 6 pages.

Interesting stuff to read, but as always, listen and look to the market, learn on how it is behaving during the last years and make your own decisions.



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If you were familiar with my P.C. Theory, you'd know there's a very good Chance, that Gold will go to about $15 (Fifteen Dollars) per Ounce, then Quickly reach Fair Market Value in U.S. Crypto-Dollars and Cents... When this happens, it will Cost you 1,500 Federal Reserve Note Dollars to buy 15 U.S. Crypto-Dollars... Just something for you to consider when it comes to Gold...