Gone for a while but still active!

To all my ssg friends!

It has been quite some time since I have posted something on Steemit, but I did not forget y’all.
I kept paying my monthly contribution for the copper tier because I keep on believing in the ssg community and the Steemit platform. Unfortunately I was a little late for my August contribution, but I hope you forgive me!

So what happened in my “absence”?

About half a year ago, the markets for the precious metals were not so exiting as now!
Gold from around USD 1,320 to a hight of USD 1,445
Silver from around USD 16.30 to USD 16.35 now, with a low of USD 14.40 in June

So we are facing exiting times for the metals. Look at the gold graphics:

I still am accumulating the metals and I will keep going on.

My feeling:
Some kind of set-back or market correction will come in the markets, but my feeling tells me that the long term perspective is still upwards!

So that said, I will try to post on regular moments from now!

See you around and “Enjoy”