Interesting times!

Looking at the price of gold during this year, we see an increase of 13.6%. This makes gold an excellent investment this year, compared to other investment opportunities.


More and more Government bonds (short and long term) are paying a negative interest rate, and it is my expectation that this will continue and will have a positive influence on the gold prices.

Also looking at the strategy by central banks to keep on decreasing their interest rates to an artificial low rate, a higher price of gold is to be expected.

The outcome of this strategy:
We see the highest level of gold over a period of more than six years and there is more to come.

My simple strategy is and will be accumulating precious metals. Specially silver is becoming even more and more interesting, looking at the gold to silver ratio.

Another element is the increase is gold position with the central banks!

Do they now see something we in our community know for years?

Gold and silver are money and are the only preservations of wealth we have on this planet!

So we are facing interesting times.



Gold and Silver are good Stores of Wealth... But in the meantime we still need to pay our Bills... The United States is about to go back to “Sound Money”...
August 5, 2019... 18.6. Hollywood Time...