Winner, Winner Steem Round Dinner!

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Hello Steem!

The time has come to announce the winners in the What Steemian is Special to You? Steem Round Contest!

First off, I want to say THANK YOU to @smooth. Without you and your sponsorship, this contest would never have found its legs. Thank you so much for suggesting we find a way to engage the community. Thank you for covering the cost of the prizes. We appreciate the positive vibes created by this contest and the opportunity it provided to spread word of the 2019 Steem Silver Rounds.

Speaking of which... 2019 Steem Silver Rounds are still for sale HERE. :)

I would also like to thank my fellow judges @soyrosa and @newageinv. Both instantly agreed to participate and their help behind the scenes has been invaluable. You two are both worthy of a Best of Steem post. Thank you for the gift of your time and Steem smarts! You two are awesome.

Now onto the entries. WOW!!! These were beautiful! Every post was so genuine and filled with kindness. For me personally, it was heartening to see the genuine affection so many Steemians have for one another. Posts were humorous, thoughtful, appreciative, caring... all the BEST aspects of the block chain. It is apparent Steem has given folks wonderful friendships and deep connections. If you have the opportunity, please visit these posts and get to know the wonderful neighbors with whom we share this little corner of the internet.

With that being said, choosing the winners has been a struggle! We had 30 entries, each by fantastic Steemians about other fantastic Steemians. @newageinv was so impressed he is buying each person who submitted a post 1 share of SBI (Steem Basic Income). So congratulations to everyone who created a post!


Contest Winners

Thanks to @smooth we have TEN Steem Silver Rounds to award. One round will be given to the writer of each winning post. One round will be awarded to the nominee of each winning post. Please reach out to @raybrockman on Steem or raybrockman#5205 on Discord to coordinate your Steem Silver Round deliveries.

Without further ado... Here are our winners!

@kaerpediem and nominee @khimgoh

I wanted to powerup but I didn't know how. I was scared. Uncharted territory for me. What?!!! Go to Market and sell SBD for Steem... but.. but.. but... how?? But when khimgoh looked me in the eye and said, when you get home, the first thing you do is PowerUp!!! I knew I had to do it.

@thehive and nominee @saffisara

Generosity she has seems to be limitless. I ave seen her share items with people from all corners. I have seen her work with others from Steemit to make something happen for a third party in real life. I have seen her give away her Steem to support others. Not delegate, not just do SBI like many of might. Actually part with her hard earned Steem and give it to another... She just cannot help being nice.

@katrina-ariel and nominee @thekittygirl

I believe that learning from each other is one of the ways we evolve as humans. thekittygirl has taught me about Discord, Steem, how to appreciate old barns, and all kinds of fascinating facts about everything from crystals to flowers and silver, but most of all, she helps me remember that kindness is one of the greatest gifts we can share with each other, and that it's possible to be yourself without bending to others, and still be kind.

@cadawg and nominee @mermaidvampire

Believe it or not, I've been close to quitting a few times during the earlier times of my journey. Posting became scarce and I'd never feel like posting. All my posts were of low quality because I didn't feel like STEEMing anymore. Mermaidvampire convinced me to give it another shot... She is the one who made me truly believe in STEEM.

@kerrislravenhill and nominee @silversaver888

It’s like day and night. She is like a golden Eagle as to my Raven, Her Light and my Dark, her L’allegro and my Penseroso, her Beauty and I the Beast, her guns and my blades, her bubbly enthusiasm and my well…NOT. But in just a little time we bonded as friends within this community... Silversaver888 she churns out great posts and comments everywhere she carries on without skipping a beat... Silversaver helped me settle into a Part time writing schedule. There were plenty of days I was feeling down and felt like quitting, but she is a great listener and encouraged me to stay.



Thank you again to EVERYONE who entered this competition! You and your nominees ARE the BEST of Steem. We appreciate you all and look forward to the good you will continue bringing to the platform.

~ @dfinney

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The 2019 round designed by @edxserverus


Congrats to the winners! This was awesome.

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Congrats to the winners, what a great thing this was. Way to go @smooth!

CONGRATULATIONS to @kaerpediem and nominee @khimgoh, @thehive and nominee @saffisara, @katrina-ariel and nominee @thekittygirl, @cadawg and nominee @mermaidvampire, and most especially @kerrislravenhill and @dwingsworld! Kudos to @smooth, @raybrockman, @soyrosa, @newageinv and most especially @dfinney for all the work you put into this production!!! THANK YOU all who participated. I am very grateful to @kerrislravenhill and @dwingsworld for my nomination, I am truly honored and humbled. I would like to forward my share of the prize win 2019 Steem Silver Round to my dearest stacking brother, @dwingsworld.

I was so excited and so speechless that I had to run off and get something out of my eye. 10 hours later and composed I come back, and I am still speechless!

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Excellent write up about a great friendship! 🖤

I'm still speechless, maybe add writeless too? And what else? 🤔

And that you are truly.. sis: A gothic stacking ninja warrior and a very strong lady raven character ... yet when you look closely at the videos posted with your article entry, one recognizes the soft, kind, emotional, passionate and vulnerable woman behind the social media persona. Your writing style is fluent, articulate and crisp; your words and what you say... your style and how you say it... are your most cherished assets. It brings me so much joy that it is publicly recognized on Steemit. I am so humbled and honored that you chose me to be the subject matter of your article. The 2019 Steem Round will be our commemorative silver that celebrates our friendship this year, sis @kerrislravenhill!!! Thank you for making this possible! I printed your article and kept it in storage with my stack. Luv ya much, sis 😍😘🌺💗

Congrats to you! 🥂 🍾 💕

My sis' @kerrislravenhill wrote a very heartfelt article. Her friendship is so precious and a reward on its own. The 2019 Steem Round which we will each receive celebrates that friendship and becomes our commemorative silver piece for this year! It also recognizes her artistic talent and skill in writing, which has been my utmost wish for her here on steemit. Thank you once again, @dfinney. 🌺

Thank you and congratulations to you tooooooo
This is you confirming all that was said about you
Pleased to meet you :)

And to you too, @kaerpediem 🌺 I just followed you, my friend!

Congrats to you, too!!!!!! Totally deserving.

@silversaver888 my stacking sister I cannot stop you from this extremely kind gesture. However I do insist that you take the round as you are far more deserving. Either way I'm extremely thrilled that both you and my pirate sister @kerrislravenhill got recognized for all of your awesomeness!

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I think I understand where you are coming from, my stacking brother, @dwingsworld! Instead, I shall send you something else from my heart and stack to celebrate our years in steem together!!!
Thank you for the beautifully written article, @dwingsworld. I printed your article and kept it in storage with along my stack. Luv ya, bro 🌺!

As always my stacking sister your generosity is greater than anyone could even fathom!
I am proud to have you as my sister and thrilled that my article shares a special place in your heart and vault! Be well Sis @silversaver888

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"Accepting the 2019 STEEMIES award on behalf of @silversaver888 , author @kerrislravenhill!"

Is this Mic working? (taps on mic)

Thump thump thump...

It is an honor up here on stage to receive this beautiful award on behalf my lovely Sister!
But first congratulating the other winners;
@kaerpediem and nominee @khimgoh
@thehive and nominee @saffisara
@katrina-ariel and nominee @thekittygirl
@cadawg and nominee @mermaidvampire
I wish to also thank the other deserving community entrants,
our sponsor @smooth,
our Coordinators @dfinney and @raybrockman,
our esteemed judges @dfinney @soyrosa and @newageinv,
all members of SSG and participating Communities,
my peers,
my friends for their tireless support,
Yes, my Mom and Dad! Sniff! Wish you were here too!
And those fans up there in the balcony I love you all 💓 Thank you! (Blows a kiss 💋 before accidentally falling off the stage)
“Um, I’m okay. I'm a nurse.”

An epic acceptance speech, in the style and fun way only you can naturally do, sis @kerrislravenhill! You are totally a comic, and be the same time, and the total opposite, so serious and dark, yet in reality a very loving, caring and sweet person. Someday you will have Lady Raven fall madly in love in one of your fictional stories!🌺🤙

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You're so funny :') I need to follow you from now on.

Beautiful speech and I've never seen someone Glide off of stage so smoothly and then patch herself up. Wonderfully done my pirate sister!

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Sometimes these platform boots can be a hazard.

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🎁 Hi @kerrislravenhill! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @silversaver888!

@silversaver888 wrote lately about: Another Opening Of A Splinterlands' Beta Pack Feel free to follow @silversaver888 if you like it :)

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Yes! Yes!!!
Loud and clear...hahaha
Congratulations :D

It was an honor and fun to be a part of this! Show how powerful the community is! SBIs sent!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 7.51.12 PM.png

Thank you so much for your generous nature. Keep being you! ❤️

You rock for doing this :D

My sincere gratitude goes out to:

@smooth for sponsoring the prizes in this contest 💜
@soyrosa & @newageinv for serving as diligent judges ✨
@katrina-ariel for the wonderful things you said in your post 🤗
@ssg-community for hosting the contest 🎉

❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

And CONGRATS to the other winners & nominees, too!
Great job on behalf of all 30 participants in this contest! 🙌

<3 It was one of the nicer jobs I've done on Steem! ;-)

This was so hard to judge! :D Some really really amazing posts and 'only' be able to pick 5 was more difficult than I thought. But the winners are a beautiful bunch. Congratz to everyone who won, but also congratz to everyone who joined! I love seeing people share their stories on Steem, so keep on being awesome <3

You’re amazing... in case no one has told you today. 💞

Big hugs from me @katrina-ariel <3 <3 <3

First off thank you guys so much for the contest! It was a lot of fun and it was awesome to see all those amazing entries! Congrats to the winners! They're all well deserved and in all honesty they probably deserve a ton more steam rounds for all the awesomeness they put out there! Thanks again!

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Congratulations to each entrant, nominee and Steem Silver Round recipient!

Thanks so much! This was fun and a wonderful addition to the community! ❤️

Congratulations for the winners and the great steemians featured in the posts!! This is an awesome reward for the journey and all that values given to other people and the platform, very well expressed by each one in their posts! It was a pleasure to participate!!
Thanks to @Smooth for these great prizes and for all the judges' hard work. Thanks too for the gift from @NewAgeInv, a really joyful surprise!!
The best for the @SSG-Community for their presence and growth in the Steem Blockchain!!

We appreciate your participation! Your post about MadlenFox was wonderful to read. 💕

Thank you very much @Dfinney!! 🤗 I really appreciate your words for the post and I'm so glad that you've enjoyed it!! Of course your encouragement has a lot to do with it!! I'm happy for all the great prizes thanks to this contest: receiving a good sign from @Pawos, sharing good feelings with a friend like @MadlenFox and meeting another great steemian as you are!! I'll get in touch with all the news in this Community too!!
This third Steem silver round has bring me a lot of good things!
Many hugs for you, @Dfinney and the best wishes for projects and life!!

YAY!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. You chose some amazing winners, and I'm just as thrilled that they're all getting silver rounds as I am happy to be receiving one myself! Huge thank you to all who helped put this contest together, and to everyone who participated for contributing to the greater community of Steem.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

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Congrats to all the winners, to all the almost-winners and to the judges! Amazing!

Ahaah Congrats to the Lucky Winners!!!🍀😎 Keep on Steeming!😉😅

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Awww man I lost well better luck next time

Hi @ssg-community
Wow Congratulations to the winners, well deserved.

I will wait for next year .. Thanks for the opportunity

I was waiting for this news from the same day I entered the contest.

From Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom. I send everyone a big fraternal hug.

Congratulations to all the winners and their winners!!!
And a thanks to all of those who put these contests on to find the best of Steem even in the most trying of times.The ones that I know here are well loved and looked up to by a whole lot of Steemians, and both in the net world and in the real world, no doubt.

Thank you. This is quite special as we are half way across the world from each other, it'll be nice to have some co-ordinated Snail Mail 😁

Hopefully you can meet in person somewhere one day and take a selfie each with a steem round in hand. 😃

OH MY GOLD! We'll have to do that. Just gotta get my passport first!

Thank you so much @ssg-community for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

Thank you @smooth for your generousity! I hope to be able meet up in Steem Fest 4 if u are going so I can thank you personally! I am super excited about my round!

@soyrosa and @newageinv thank you for giving your time to judge. Not an easy task at all.

@kaerpediem thank you for nominating me! HUGS!! WE WON!!! 😘❤️

Congrats to all the winners @thehive @saffisara @katrina-ariel @thekittygirl @cadawg @mermaidvampire @kerrislravenhill and @silversaver888 it is such an honour to be mentioned along with all of you!

We won!! :)
Congratulations You :D

It was a nice way to read a bit about you @khimgoh!

When I read this, I was so excited I must have fainted 10 times (I lost count after the third) and then exploded into confetti!!

Thank you so so much @ssg-community & @smooth for this chance to give @khimgoh her long overdue credit and a coin she's been eyeing. How does it get any better than this?

Congratulations to all the winners @thehive @saffisara @katrina-ariel @thekittygirl @cadawg @mermaidvampire @kerrislravenhill @silversaver888
Reading the posts just gave me the feels. This is the very reason I am on Steem - Steemians!!

@soyrosa and @newageinv, I don't know how you did it...thank you thank you thank you

Hahaha - I would love to see a GIF of you exploding into confetti! Congratz :D

😄 “fainted 10 times”. Congrats!

Grats to all the new shiny winners!

That was an awesome contest and thank-you for your generosity @newageinv for giving all entrants a SBI!

Hi @fucho80! It is my fault! I will fix it up tomorrow and get your sbi sorted too. Thank you again for participating in the contest!

Got this part sorted for you tonight!