The FIRST-EVER Skateboarding post on Hive Blockchain

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Live from the Hive

I have the honor of posting the first-ever skateboarding post on Hive Blockchain. What a day today!
Most of the people on my following list were saying goodbye to Steem Blockchain and are migrating to Hive. I guess that's what I will be doing too. Not yet though. I need to make sure that everyone on the @steemskate community knows what's going on with Hive and agrees to completely move @Steemskate to Hive Blockchain.

Till then I will be posting in both chains but I tell you that. I have much higher hopes for Hive than I ever had for Steem. I was a full-time Steemian and that what I am gonna be doing with Hive too.
By the way how is it named? Full-time Hivian/Hiver? lol.

Anyway enough babbling. This post will go down in Hive's history as the first skateboarding post ever and everyone knows that once you post something on a blockchain, it can't be removed! Hehehe.
The video bellow is a collaboration between me and fellow #Steemskater @stickchumpion. Stix provided me with his awesome tune and I delivered the tricks.
Enjoy yooooo!

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Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot. If you want to see more skateboarding action check out #steemskate , our #skateboarding community in which you actually own your content and earn money for it!
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Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE


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Music by fellow steemskater @stickchumpion. The song is called "Hate you baby, Hate the babies" and you can find it at his Soundcloud.
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Yes brother, skateboarding could not be missing in this new community!

Of course man! SKate is everywhere!

Yeah man! Straight in there!
.... oh and if you can see this comment i guess it means partiko is now posting onto hive too!!

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I can see this comment bro!
We've got some talks to do regarding the #steemskate community! I think we will eventually be moving to Hive so we might need a new name or smthing! I love "Steemskate" as a name but we can work on new ideas!