SteemSports Gear!!! Thank you @theprophet0

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A few days ago the writers for SteemSports were talking about the potential for an apparel line. @theprophet0 was kind enough to not only agree with the idea, but to send us each a "prototype" of sorts. I received mine today and I can't get over how good they came out!!

Here's a look at the back side:


And the front side featuring our logo:


A HUGE thank you goes out to @thecryptodrive for everything he's done for his amazing company @steemsports.

Give some of our writing staff a follow for some fantastic content outside the usual sports talk on SteemSports:

@brandonk @the23chronicles @timoshey @writingamigo @scottybuckets @feekayo @kryptik

Be sure to follow us on @SteemSports and stay tuned for our reveal of our contest winners and gear on the SteemSports account :) Here's the link!


Awesome brothaman! Awaiting mine too hehe

They're awesome man! Really well done!

Sick shirt! Love the minimalist-type design. I'd definitely wear it.

Very nice looking design !

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Looks really cool. Now I want mine. :)

Looking awesome!!!! Go Team!

Great man good to see this shirt keep sharing.

hope i win one of those to in the contest! :P

Nice one

it turned out pretty good @theprophet0 huh?

Couldn't be happier with them!
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