Announcing the Winners of the SteemSports 2000+ Followers Giveaway

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The last 10 days have been very exciting for us here at SteemSports. Our current contest has received over 600 views and close to 200 comments thanks to the support of our amazing followers! We set out to give back to you all in celebration of our 2000th follower and we hoped you’d be excited, but we never could’ve imagined the success of this giveaway. We’re now at just over 2500 followers and on behalf of everyone here, thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to all of us!
With all that sentimental stuff out of the way, let’s jump into what you’ve all been waiting for; the results! The last 5 days have seen our finalists reach out to their supports for votes. We’ve seen comradery between contestants, and our contestants with a smaller number of followers have had new people view their content. We’re excited for you all, and you all should be proud of the amazing content you provided.
I want to preface this by saying that this contest was extremely close at the top. Any of you could have come out the winner, and this was really cool for us to watch unfold. Here’s our top 3:

1st Place - @uwelang

@uwelang ‘s article was about his own personal injury in sports. It’s something that a lot of us can relate to, and a must-read! He also goes into detail about a past in marketing events, and writing about sports and participate in online communities. Check it out here:
You’ll be taking home the following: First Place: 75 STEEM, 125 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat

2nd Place - @doggedfi

@doggedfi wrote about his personal Ju-Jitsu journey. It’s a great article that covers the intense training that MMA athletes go through, and provides us with the point of view of an athlete. Check it out here:
You’ll be taking home the following: Second Place: 50 STEEM, 75 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat

3rd Place - @dillonford

@dillonford writes about the important role sports plays in developing/revealing ones character. It’s a very relatable article, and it’s something I’d suggest everyone who’s ever considered playing sports read. Check it out here:
You’ll be taking home the following: Third Place: 25 STEEM, 50 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Congratulations to all of you! Reach out to @theprophet0 on to claim your prizes, you deserve it.
I want to personally thank everyone who entered this contest, all of you who voted, and to everyone who took the time to view our contest posts. SteemSports does its best to provide you all with quality content and our writing team pour their hearts into their articles. Your support means a lot to us all!
I’d like to open my pm’s to anyone who has suggestions/concerns about what Steemsports creates. Feel free to pm me (@gnocdepatat) on about anything you’d like to talk about and I can relay that information to @theprophet0 and @thecryptodrive. We hope you all enjoyed this contest, we sure have!

Thanks so much guys - I feel honored and flattered to win this! Thanks to @steemsports for the great contests and all who voted for me.

Also congratulations @doggedfi and @dillonford - really enjoyed your stories like the other 17. Great Steemians we have here. Happy to be part of this.

Congratz buddy,,,for winning

Awesome!!!!:):) Thankyou Very much @steemsports for putting on an awesome competition! I'm always excited to see why people like sports, hear peoples inspirations, and get the chance to talk about them myself!

Great Competition and Alot of Fun, Congratulations to Everybody

Congratulations to the winners. You all deserved it!


nice post..thank you for sharing, good luck.

Nice info. Thanks :)

Nice post

Just imagine if Steemit had a basketball team who all would make the team 🤓

Congrats to the winners !

Glad for you @uwelang. If you only knew I am one of the best footballers alive but I now play basketball more often; USA things!!

Thank you @steemsports!! Glad to have been a part of the contest!

Big congrats to @uwelang and the other winners!

Congratulations to the winners :)