Damian Lillard for Ben Simmons?

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After some big moves by the Philadelphia 76ers during the summer, many of us thought that they would dominate the Eastern Conference and become the Eastern Conference Champ by the end of the season. People thought that nobody can challenge them in the Eastern Conference. But when you look at them right now, they are nowhere close to what people expected them to be.
They are currently the 6th seed in the East with a record of 26-16 behind Indiana, Toronto, Boston, Miami and Milwaukee. And because of this disappointing stretch, Sixers fans are worried if the duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid can carry them all the way to the NBA Finals. And to work things out and prevent it from getting worse, a potential trade could save their championship hopes.

The Sixers should consider trading Ben Simmons. The potential trade option is a package that will send Simmons and Al Horford to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for their superstar point guard Damian Lillard. The Blazers' season is a mess right now. They are also looking to fix their mess and save their season. They are a championship contender a year ago and now they are the 10th seed in the Western Conference. This poor performance can be blamed to the injuries and the disappointing offseason. The Blazers let some key pieces go freely which set them back from building chemistry. They let Seth Curry, Mo Harkless and Meyers Leonard go without getting anything in return.
This is a win-win situation for both teams. The Portland Trail Blazers will get a potential superstar in Ben Simmons and a veteran presence in Al Horford. While the Philadelphia 76ers will get a top 5 point guard in Damian Lillard who could possibly get them to the next level. Sure, the fans would not want to let Lillard go but the NBA is a business.

Will there actually be any big moves before the trade deadline? February 6th is rapidly approaching and there are so many teams that want and need to make a drastic move if they want to have a realistic shot at not only the NBA playoffs but also the NBA finals. The most intriguing thing will be what ultimately happens in Los Angeles with the Lakers. It appears that Lebron James is begging for more help, even though he already has Anthony Davis beside him.
Keep an eye on L.A. but not just for the Lakers. The Los Angeles Clippers may actually be the better team and they have some great assets that they could move to pair up with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Either way, it should be a very interesting few weeks in the NBA.
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I believe Damian Lillard signed a supermax contract extension this offseason and cant be traded for 1 year from the date he signed, though feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Yes, in last couple of years 76er came back into the game again..

As far as i remember 1999 was the start of everything.. Bruce Bowen, Nazr Mohammed, Toni Kukoc, Dikembe Mutombo, Tyrone Hill, Raja Bell and ofcourse Allen Iverson.. I remember all these players and many more of them.. Good memories..

After loosing 2001 NBA Finals against Lakers the team never got too strong again.. They usually eleminated in first rounds in playoffs and when 2012 arrived the 76ers was one of the worst team on East..

They could not able to reach the playoffs 5 consetictuve years.. In 2014 they got Embiid but he was injured and couldn't played 2 seasons.. In 2016 Embiid was back and they had the Number 1 pick Ben Simmons but unfortunately he was unjured and missed whole season..

Beginning of 2017 season both Embiid and Simmons was healthy and that time they came back in action.. They have reache Conference Semi's consetictuve 2 years in the East and in playoffs they have lost to Raptors very unluckly..

And this season they are having lots of injuries but yes, when Embiid and Simmons plays together they usually don't loose specially at home..

When Embiid got injured Simmons took the responsibilities and managed his teama too well.. Remember last week Simmons played like a monster when Embiid away..

Anyways, i am sure they will go to the playoffs again.. But how about your potential trade option?

Dame to Philly and Trail Blazers got Simmons and Al Horford.. First i can say that it this trade happens and Lillard stays healthy , 76ers could reach the Conference Finals yes, but if Lillard has the adaptation period? Phila already have good team and this is somekind of risk.. Lillard scored +60 twice in this season but he was not good in many games as well.. He is not playing too good just like his team Blazers..

Anyways, if this trade never happens, it would mean Sixers wouldn't take any risks and this would be better for them..

Thank you..

Great two athlets really

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Lillard iS an absolute beast. Him and a healthy Embid together would be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Wow that's a big idea! I the Blazers are my favorite team and Lillard one of my favorite players, yet i'd still strongly consider this if i were the Blazers. If they took on Horford, that would leave them with Nurkic, Whiteside, Zach Collins, and Horford in the frontcourt, so they'd definitely need to make more moves to balance things out. Pretty fair trade for both teams i'd say