Season’s greetings: particles are back around here!

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It is quite a while I did not had the chance to write anything from my Steem account, and I mostly stopped interacting on the SteemSTEM Discord for the last three months. But I am still around! There is no way to get rid of me so easily…

During all this time, I was mostly focused on research, as well as on teaching and stuff related to the heavy strikes currently on-going in France. I hence had almost no time left for anything outside my job (and my family for the few free moments I had).

But things are starting to change… It is a new year after all!

I would like to make use of some of the time I currently have to pass by and send some season’s greetings for the beginning of this new decade :)

[image credits: Linnaea Mallette]

While I was being away, I contributed only to few Steem-related activities, i.e. a few (but really a few, @mobbs will confirm) things in the background for SteemSTEM and that’s it. Among all my trips since last October (China, Korea, India, California, Quebec), I however had the chance to meet @dexterdev in person last November, when I gave a couple of lectures in his institute. This was really a great encounter! (I am always happy to meet Steemians in person… who’s next?)

So what about my close future on Steem?

All about research!

I will first try to resurrect my personal blog!

[image credits: Hal Gatewood]

On the research side, I managed to release 5 scientific contributions during my absence (I was not absent for nothing after all).

As teasers for the subjects of my next posts, please find below a two-sentences summary for each of those, which are excellent topics to populate my blog with fresh content, at least as soon as I will find the time to write.

Please stay tuned! In the meantime, here is the list.

  • In a [first article]( that appeared in October, we discussed how to exploit the results of current LHC searches for new phenomena to get naive estimate on the sensitivity of the future updates of those searches. In other words, how the present can tell us about what the future will be able to do.

  • With other collaborators, we wrote a [short proceedings contribution](, also in October, about top-philic dark matter, a topic that I have already largely covered on Steem back in the days. In those models, dark matter is connected to the Standard Model of particle physics through interactions with the heaviest of all known particles, the top quark.

  • With another set of collaborators, we have studied a theory in which the interactions of the Standard Model are unified. This gives right to an extra fundamental interaction (**i.e.** a new force) and a dark matter particle called a scotino (yes this is a thing) with funny and amazing properties. The publication has been released in a [preprint]( that appeared last November.

  • Right before Christmas, with again other collaborators, we covered in [this preprint]( predictions for the production of pairs of electrically-charged Higgs bosons. We revisited claims made in the past, released results of calculations that have never been done before and solved some ambiguities that appeared in the literature a few years ago.

  • Finally, just before new year, I contributed to [an article]( aiming at charting what could be the future of CERN. Equivalently, this describe what particle physicists could work on during the 50-60 years following the end of the LHC. Again, this consists in a topic I covered a lot on Steem in the past.

If you did not get everything, do not hesitate to ask specific questions in the comments. You can also wait for the 5 corresponding posts that I will write… but I cannot tell when. I wish I could be as active on Steem as in physics. ;)

Back with SteemSTEM

In the next few days, I will try to come back to the development the

There are a few things that I started 3 months ago and that are still not finalised. Not much is missing…

I would also like to start tackling my development plans for redesigning the app as @mobbs proposed a few months ago.

Yes @mobbs I am getting there. This is a promise.

On the curation side, I will again contribute to both curation and its management, taking care in particular of our distilled series again, the last episode having been released on Nov 28th last year. Shame on me I know :D

All in all, we will see what I will realistically be able to do. I will still be quite busy with physics for the next few weeks, as I have in particular a few trips (Korea, South Africa) on the plate and two more scientific articles to be written, about a unified framework to study dark matter and leptoquarks, respectively. Again, two potential hot topics for my blog ;)

I hope to see some sunshine at the horizon soon, if I can transcript my thoughts like that :)

That’s all for now! More from me (either on the SteemSTEM side or with a fresh particle physics Steem posts).

PS: This article has been formatted for the front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


Finally, I've read your blog.
It's a pleasure to have your patient guiding voice here. You look into the skies for answers to mysteries of the universe. And then you become a bridge, a translator, for the rest of us.

Your work is impressive, jaw-dropping impressive. Grateful that you find time for this community. Looking forward to those 5 future blogs.

This line got me: how the present can tell us about what the future will be able to do--almost as grand as one of @astrophotokevin's celestial images.

Trying to get answers is the every-day-life mojo of a scientist :)

I will try to write these 5 blogs soon. I just can't guarantee when. I am happy to see that you are still around. Note that a 6th research article (a quite important one actually) one may appear on this Friday :D

Of course I'm here...I love this place :)
Looking forward to those blogs!

Hopefully there will be one next week :)

It's good that you're back, given your absence from the platform, the positive element is that you personally kept up the pace of scientific production.

I shared this publication from my Twitter account:

I was less active for a good reason. But don't worry, I should be more present in the next days/weeks ;)

Thanks for sharing my text!

Taking a break from social media is really nice once in a while whether or not it is blockchain based 😜.

Looking forward to new articles!

I hope you won't have to be too patient. I hope. Glad to still see you around (I could however not imagine less from a steempress manager ;) ).

Bonne année @lemouth !
Je vous souhaite (avec @lamouthe) de beaux projets palpitants et ... aussi quelques moments pour ne rien faire de temps à autres ;)
Tourlou !

Merci a toi! Ne rien faire? Hmmm ca ca risque d'etre complique. J'espere qu'on aura l'occasion de se croiser cet ete (et oui!) ^^

J'aimerais bien :) On fera en sorte que oui !

I'm interested in hearing more about dark matter. Glad you're back!

You can count on me! I will definitely discuss dark matter in my posts, like I did months ago. I just can't tell when (in a week, maybe 10 days...) :)

I'm interested
In hearing more about dark
Matter. Glad you're back!

                 - theabsolute

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello friend @lemouth I hope you are well, because nothing welcome again to the battle to the platform, it is good to read your publications again.

Thanks! I am good, although pretty tired due to an intense working activity since last October. But things are getting slightly better.

How are you?

My good thanks to God friend, I working full and when I can take a walk on the platform to release stress a little, it is good to take some time to organize things a little, when it comes to work, since when it comes to return One comes with all the desire in the world, I hope to continue reading their publications.

Oh I fully agree with this!

Bonne année à toi, j'ai supprimé discord de mon pc et me consacre à mon blog culinaire @phillarecette , j'espère faire venir de nouveaux utilisateurs en particulier dans le domaine artistique mais c'est pas gagné, bonne continuation.

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Merci pour tes voeux! La cuisine etait quelque chose a quoi je passais enormement de temps... avant... Mais ca c'etait avant quand j'avais plein de temps. J'aime toujours cuisiner, mais j'ai du mal a juste trouver le temps ces derniers jours. Heureusement que @lamouthe est la :)

A bientot!

Glad to have you back sir. Season's greetings from this side of Sub-Saharan Africa

Thanks! I hope life is good far in the Sahara (and beyond ;) )!

I missed this post - nice to see that you are back again! :)

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I guess I should say thank you :)

:) no need but thanks for the appreciation, its limited supply though, so i try to charge the deposit at random weekly, not everyone posts as much as everyone else good to see you're still around. I don't pay much attention to the place since a few months but the last culture-shock (lol) i thought was gonna bring waves, but it turns out it was
just a small ripple so far :p

i suppose you haven't collected some dark matter in a jar yet as definite proof ? :p

i suppose you haven't collected some dark matter in a jar yet as definite proof ? :p

I would love to see this. Actually, I am a theorist so that I won't really touch an experiment myself. I instead analyse experimental results in the aim of interpreting them to corner better the viability of potential models of physics extending the Standard Model. I definitely think (as most colleagues) that the Standard Model is only the tip of the iceberg :)

:) ... maybe there is no quantum and the whole universe is fractal or analogue and we will simply never see the deepest 0/1 bit at the highest resolution. In that case it would be a formula, no ? the formula of everything lol

maybe as small as einsteins concatenated version of 'its all energy' which actually shows everything from the big bang up to now in one calculation

(im clearly more of a dreamer than a scientist hahah)

Actually, we have experimental proofs that the world is quite quantum. This is at least something we are certain about. But I agree this opens as many doors as this solves questions, which is why this is cool :)

Oh lemouth ... I missed this post. I was away from steem tbh. And gina is not reporting things properly!

That's fine don't worry. I hope to post again a little. We will see :)