Happy Easter 🐰 Win 1 of 4 Hive SBI units 😍

Happy Easter everyone!

We hope that you're having a nice celebration and that you & your family are safe and healthy. During such crazy days a lot of things changed and health became more important than ever. It still sucks to be so isolated during the Easter holidays, not able to see family & friends. To cheer you up we are going to give away some nice prizes πŸ˜ƒ


To do so we took 0.669 HBD from the Contests/Giveaways pot and converted it to 3.779 Hive, so now the Giveaway pot contains 4.343 Hive which makes it possible to buy 4 Hive SBI units.

Prize 1-4: 1 Hive SBI unit
Prize 5-6: Receive 50% upvotes on your posts for one week (max 1 per day)

So all in all we'll have 6 winners. To enter you only have to:

  • Be a follower of @steemsupporter
  • Comment with the thing you like most about Easter (or Hive if you're not celebrating)
  • Rehive (optional but really appreciated)

The winners will be determined once this post pays out and stated in a winner post.

Good luck to everyone πŸ€ And thanks to everyone who made this giveaway possible (upvoters & delegators @atma.love @btcsam) 😊

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Celebrating with the family, get together to eat and enjoy the moments that are shared. Certainly this year due to the pandemic this celebration has been totally different but thanks to technologies it is a matter of minimizing the negative effect of the distance and by video calls those moments are shared virtually despite the quarantine.

Good luck!

I like that spring has sprung, leaves are green, flowers are up, cherry blossoms in bloom. Generally I like the family part of it but I'm working abroad this year so won't see them and probably wouldn't have seen them due to coronavirus anyway if I was home. Generally family time and nature are the best things about Easter.

Thanks for participating :) Good luck!

We are not celebrating....

Invalid entry. If you don't celebrate tell us what you like about Hive instead :)