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RE: Read only if you like HODL'ing | Claiming account tickets with RC

in #stem4 years ago

Hi @contrabourdon

We all know that creating an account on the Steem blockchain isn't free.

Well, it is kind of free - however it simply does take time.

I actually never understood why does it take so long. Account creation is currently the biggest reason why new users would not join this platform.

I tried to create new account lately and after 2 weeks it has been finally "approved". However I didn't even receive any notification that I can use Steemit already and that account is approved. I was like ... OMG. That's just bad.

ps. I couldn't find 'create new account' tab on :(



it's me again @contrabourdon

based on your post I came to conclusion that without knowing Java it isn't possible to do it all :(

Hi @crypto.piotr,

You certainly have enough SP to create account tickets and you wouldn't have to wait 2 weeks! You can claim these quite regularly. Just keep an eye on your RC's. If you want, I am able to schedule this for you if you grant me active authority. Just let me know.