TPO Roof Leaks

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We have had a couple of days of steady rains here in South Texas. This has the tendency of finding any leaks in a TPO membrane roof. Quick rains don't last long enough to seep through poor welds in the roofing material. Fortunately, we have a manufacturer warranty that covers the cost of repairs, which can get expensive when paid out of pocket.

The process of getting the repairs done is to contact the manufacturer and submit a request. They, in turn, will contact a contractor to dispatch a work crew to do the work. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the rains are over before the repairs get made. It is partly due to lightning safety. But, it also has to do with the TPO membrane becoming slippery when wet.

Once the leak is repaired, I'll need to contract another company to repair any drywall damage and to replace the stained ceiling tile.

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Is it that the roofing sheet has done its work over the years now & needs replacement now.

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No, the membrane is only about 6 years old. It still has plenty of life. What happens, typically, is that some of the welds don't hold, particularly where multiple pieces overlap. The long seams are machine welded and hold up well. But, the corner welds are done by hand. They tend to come loose.

When the repair crew comes over, they will clean the material and weld a patch. Here's a picture of some patches made previously.