What content to publish on STEMGeeks using the STEM tag?

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STEMGeeks is a community about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math commonly referred to as STEM.

STEM contains a very wide scope of topics that are a great fit for the STEMGeeks community. Some of these topics include:

  • Science
  • Space Exploration
  • Gadgets
  • Technology Innovations
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Programming & Development
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Maker (i.e. Raspberry Pi & Arduino)
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Phone Technology
  • Medical Advances
  • Robotics
  • Computing

I find it is very common that the S (Science) in STEM is the primary focus. I myself tend to focus on the T (Technology) but enjoy the others as well. The purpose of this community is feature topics from all four fields of STEM. More importantly, from professionals and amateurs alike.

Build a new PC? Take pictures, explain how you did it. This is fantastic content for STEMGeeks.

Want to talk about making Apps for the new iPhone? Have at it!

STEM reaches a very wide audience and topics, don't forget to use the STEM tag when it fits.

The main idea of STEMGeeks is to provide technology & science-focused community with a niche wide enough you could live here but not wide enough to see $100 cat photos.

What doesn't fit in STEMGeeks

  • Technical Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Crypto
  • Steem Development
  • Copy Paste content regardless of the topic
  • Stolen content regardless of the topic
  • Single image posts of any topic
  • STEMGeeks & STEM Token
  • Harassment and toxicity

A few of these need a little more explaining.

While Technical analysis and price analysis involve math, it really isn't about math. These topics are better suited for other communities like @steem.leo.

While crypto is technology, talking about tokens it is not. If you want to post about new technology in the crypto field and uses of crypto technology, awesome!. If you just want to talk about Bitcoin and Ethereum and other token focused discussions, there are better-suited communities for that.

Steem development certainly does fit in STEM and it's not something I don't want to completely discourage, but we do want to keep it to a minimum. The reason behind this is Steem Development is not mainstream, and is more focused on the Steem community and better served by @utopian-io. I am not going to ask anyone not to post about their Steem development, just please focus more on the development and technology aspects and less about code changes for Steem. Check out @utopian-io if you want to be rewarded for your awesome Steem related content.

Copy/Paste and plagiarism has no place in STEMGeeks. This includes just dropping a link to a YouTube video regardless if it is about STEM content. Repeated attempts at doing this will result in the removal of STEM rewards and potentially being muted from the community. Be original, don't steal other people's work regardless if it is public domain or not.

While STEMGeeks is obviously related, it really isn't about STEM and more about the community. I am not opposed to some talk about STEMGeeks but please don't post exclusively about STEMGeeks using the STEM tag. We want to talk about STEM topics and not just about the community. This means posts that say "Hey I powered up STEM" or "STEM token on the market" are not good topics for this community. There is no avoiding the discussion of the token and the community, but we just don't want 100 posts a day about it just to have a reason to use the STEM tag.

Please be civil with each other, banter is fine but this is a community about sharing people's passions and not kicking and screaming.

Tags that are not allowed on STEMGeeks

We are currently filtering any posts from the following tags:

  • actifit
  • dlike
  • share2steem
  • steemhunt

99% of the time the use of these dApps do not fit in the spirt of the STEMGeeks. Rather than repeatedly explaining to people this is not STEM-related, I have decided to mute the tags from showing up in the community and being eligible for STEM token distribution.


This looks to be a very cool community. Will be reading and commenting my posts don't fit the criteria but should be a great resource for of us that are less "techie" than the author of your hash tagged posts. Best of luck, welcome to the arena, cheers!

In most cases, communities are filled with around with less than 25% content producers. No worries! Welcome aboard.

That is actually a pretty good balance, could be far less content producers than that. Not all of us are Leonardo Davinci's but we sure all can at least be Homer Simpsons blaring out our opinion or able to be at least knucklehead fans of something, lol.

The thing is here, you don't need to be Leonardo Davinci.

Want to talk about hacking electronics with a Raspberry Pi? We would love that.

3D Printing a heart for mothers day? Nice, let's see it!

Found a new gadget you love and want to share it with the world? I'm waiting.

Read about some medical breakthrough and want to explain how this will change the world? I'd love to read it.

They are already selling it, and unstake!

I'm ready to provide some hardcore engineering material. Thanks for this new tribe!

Great project you got here, you can probably "steal" some of the hackernoon's user base with this if done right. I'm definitely going to be a future content creator/curator for this tribe. The only thing that might be hard is the no crypto talk... what if I'm writing about doing smart contracts on ethereum, can I mention ethereum and solidity? Or it doesn't fit STEM? Because it's programming, but it's programming specifically on ethereum...

BTW, is there any post where I can see the mechanisms you intend to implement to make the token's value appreciate? Like ad revenue, BAT, burning, token use-cases,etc...?

what if I'm writing about doing smart contracts on ethereum, can I mention ethereum and solidity?

I would say if you are discussing the process, educating the how-to, and/or offering your technical opinions about it, then it's cool.

The thing we don't want people to do is wind up talking about the prices, internal drama, etc.

Oh ok, so it's more or less like I thought, thanks for the reply!

Greetings @stemgeeks

Interesting the initiative, I'm from the area of ​​industrial engineering, I'm interested in the content of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, so I found the right place to consume content.

I'm from Venezuela, I do not handle English very well, I publish in Spanish and I support with the translator; But we are in Steemit, so we must force ourselves out of the comfort zone and evolve.

I follow the initiative @stemgeeks, and we'll see how far the wave takes us!

Great job on keeping out stuff that doesn't belong and defining it well. I'm really glad that STEM community won't accept junk masquerading as STEM.

Interestingly, in Korea it's called STEAM and the A stands for 'art'. Let's just say the other letters were not pleased.

Yes x 100! Finally #stem seems to care about their community. Many others are filled with irrelevant junk. I like all stem topics and will collect your tokens after this.

By the way is your $100 cat post directed at me? I've done that before... Should have tagged science because cats are biological organisms😸

@stemgeeks @themarkymark I'm an architecture student, my question is the following, what kind of science, technology and innovation topics can we share, since for example in Architecture there are many topics on Materials Technology and new structural technology, these topics are accepted? For example, if I come and talk about the launch or operation of a platform, is that accepted? I love the marine world, can I talk about the marine world? About the different artistic manifestations and the use of technologies in obtaining new materials to create works of art? Want a little more information! I would love to make my contributions with my creative content. Thank you!

Just focus more on the tech and engineering aspect of it and you’ll be fine.

Wao!, I will be using this platform a lot. Also I have I lot of friends that loves science, technology and math. I will tell everybody. Now, I have a question: I have a friend (@neladepablos) who is a math teacher and she used to post educative videos on dtube but she speaks spanish, does she have to use the tag "math", "matematica" (wtitten in spanish) or both? (because if she uses "math" maybe she will not reach the hispanic people, that is her target)

For STEMGeeks you only need STEM tag, you can use either of those two, it's up to you.

Thank you so much @emiliomorles :).

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Oh cool. Is this different than SteemSTEM or are you collaborating with them as well?

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It is different than SteemSTEM, I gave them a special airdrop but we are not affiliated.

Ok then. 👍

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Because of STEMGeeks I have a renewed interest to start learning JavaScript. Would this be a suitable topic for STEM community? I feel like it would but I wanted to double-check just to avoid any confusion and abuse.

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Sure is.

Is PC Software in general allowed? Like introducing a software of showing a tutorial about the software?

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Tutorial and stuff will definitely do.

Thanks! Good to know...

How about the science of cooking?

The perfect temperature and culmination of those special ingredients to get a tasty eye pleasing meal.


I believe tasteem is there for that.
Cooking really doesn't fall in STEM.

Thanks for the info

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Hey I used "stem" tag, but the article is not showing in my stemgeek profile.

We do not publish dlike, actifit, share2steem, steemhunt posts.

You can read more here

Got it thank you. I have visited the post earlier today but didn't read it completely.

Control + f5

Clearly, by the post's own admission, this post does not belong in STEMGeeks. :P It clearly has more to do with rules than the technology of STEMGeeks.

It's unavoidable to have some meta but want to keep it to a minimum. Don't want 100 posts a day talking about STEMGeek and nothing about STEM.

There are probably going to be a lot of "meta" posts right now, cuz it's fairly new, but there are a ton of people that do STEM content all the time, and TBH SteemSTEM discouraged a lot of that by being so focused on "quality" and wanting everyone to per-approve post with them, and not wanting post about things in the news. I never wanted to post about STEM content because of them. I have a desk in the other room covered in electronics, and the last post I did talking about any of it was months ago. I have tabs in my browser open right now dealing with game development and AI and even a repo for a steem-engine airdrop tool that I was looking at the code of. And yet I never posted about any of that stuff I'm doing, because SteemSTEM was not very encouraging to post regular normal everyday posts. They seemed to want you to spend days researching everything, then submit it for approval, then only after post it. Fuck that noise.

This is where STEMGeeks differs. It is more accepting of amateur content. Hack your blowdryer into a freeze gun, that's awesome let's see it.

Setup a Raspberry Pi to block ads, that's cool too.

You don't have to be going for a noble peace prize. Although that's more than welcome as well.

Even if you just want to talk about some new gadget you got, it's welcome as well. The more geeky the better.

And I think that will encourage a TON more STEM content, including stuff that SteemSTEM will curate. They might have to actually expand. :P I think people won't be as afraid that they'll spend a bunch of effort on something that won't be acknowledged for the effort.

I hope the fake pseudoscientists are hammered out hard. I can't stand those people.

I didn't notice dlike wasn't approved tag. Will keep that in mind in future. Wish there was an automatic warning prior to the downvoting. Anyways, wishing you success and peace!

It should be blocked but because dlike changed from using tags to using the category field it is showing them again. It is being fixed by the Steem Engine team.

The flag is just to hide them, the account has no steem power and the flag is only 1% so it won’t take any Steem rewards. It does not necessarily mean the post is a bad post, only that it doesn’t fit in STEMGeeks.

I was bummed about the downvote. It's ok... Should have checked the norm in your community first.

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Don’t let it bother you. The flag is insignificant and just moderating the community. The dlike posts should be muted soon and they won’t show up anymore.

Sounds good. Hoping to contribute to the Stem community in future.

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I work as a Facility Manager, which requires some technical knowledge, especially as buildings get smarter, some engineering knowledge to manage the mechanicals, materials knowledge, and science. There's more to the job; but, those other topics would not apply here.

I am not sure if the subjects mentioned would be appropriate for this tribe. Would it be safe to post if the topic is primarily STEM with sprinkles of the management portion on occasion?

hey im not seeing my blog and comments on stemgeeks.net help if you can

i wanna ask the following questions as i am really interested in joining and writing some posts in here!

  1. can i create scientific related posts about nature/biology, outer space, psychology ?
  2. can i post once again older posts of mine ofc with scientific related content? (posts that i wrote for steemstem community back in steemit days
  1. Yes
  2. No, you cannot repost previous posts.

Thank you for the clarification. I missed them.