STEPN Weekly Report - Week 3 / STEPN 3週目

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Hello everyone!
It's been three weeks since I started STEPN. I am so busy with STEPN every day. I haven't been drawing at all. I should start drawing before I forget how to draw.

STEPN is a move-2-earn application built on Solana blockchain.
If you would like to find out what is STEPN, please check out my past post.

● What is STEPN
● Week 1
● Week 2

I was thinking of focusing on minting 9 sneakers for myself plus some for my family but I changed my mind.
The reason why is that I heard of someone who has a 4-sneaker operation. STEPN gives you, 10 minutes of exercise with 1 sneaker, 20 minutes with 3 sneakers, 45 minutes with 9 sneakers. So, how the 4-sneaker operation works?
The strategy is to not have a main sneaker but to use 4 sneakers and repeatedly mint them and sell them starting with the ones that have a mint count of 2.
Some people are minting one sneaker every day or two sneakers every two days. Profits vary with the market and token prices, and I am not sure if I can sell them right away, but I thought it was very interesting.
I was thinking of how stressful it would be when I have to walk 45 minutes every day when I have 9 sneakers.
I can walk 45 minutes on my days off with no problem, but between work, a three-hour commute each way & housework, it's going to be difficult to walk 45 minutes. So, maybe a 4-sneaker strategy might work better for me.
I could probably increase to 9 sneakers before a long holiday and walk 45 minutes during. I can sell them when I'm done or I can run two 4-sneaker strategies. This might speed up collecting what I invested.
Oh, but I want to keep my main sneakers, so I will be going with 1 main sneaker and a 4-sneaker operation. It sounds fun and exciting!
How are you enjoying STEPN? Let me know!
I’ll leave a link to the very useful tool below.

Here is my weekly report of walking with STEPN.
Sneaker Type: Common Walker X 3

● Distance Walked: 9.85km

● Time Spent on Walking: 2.5hours

● GST reward : 126.29GST (1GST = USD$3.40)



● STEPNって何?
● 1週目
● 2週目



● 歩いた距離:9.85キロ

● 歩くのにかけた時間:2.5時間

● GST 報酬:126.29GST (1GST = 3.40USドル)

ECDE18BA-485D-4150-BBC4-C5B36FE2CFCA.jpegImage borrowed from STEPN


That’s all for today.

Thanks for visiting!




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