Ken and Karen are angry

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... and armed. Somehow i now get, what the 2nd amendment was made for. This couple had to defend their home from a wild mob of communists.

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The tweet that got the story going.

The BLM protestors trespassed and threatened on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) June 29, 2020


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They actually got a pretty decent house to protect.

Who is the suit with the walkie talkie leading the way? 🤔

— Nil Admirari (@VenturisVentis3) June 29, 2020

Black guy in a suit leads the way through the property.

So far as I know no injuries on both sides.

Karen is a slang term used as an antagonistic female character in memes. "Karen" is generally characterized as an irritating, entitled woman, sometimes as an ex-wife who took custody of "the kids."


at least they're allowed to protect themselves and their property

and you see it is pretty effective - takes way longer to wait for the police to act

ofc, the police would probably kneel in front of these intruders

Würde ich auch machen, wenn sich ein gewalttätiger Mob meinem Haus nähert.
In Österreich ist ja Selbstverteidigung auf eigenem Grund und Boden auch mit Schußwaffen erlaubt!