Goodbye and be happy in your new life!

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This day always comes. The day they make their last circles over my house and set off on the long flight to Africa. I hope that fate will save them from all dangers and they will return next year.









Congratulations on a job well done! It's always a little sad when our young leave the nest/home.

Gotta let go 🦅

I also hope that next year they will come to you

how are you dear friends @ animal-shelter good day
What an ambiguous feeling, on the one hand the sadness of letting go knowing that you are going to miss him for the shared moments, on the other, the happiness of seeing them return to their natural habitat, only destiny knows what awaits them on their long journey.
Thank you very much for letting us know these beautiful photographs

He is not the last one. Five disabled storks will stay with me.

What a beauty, in my grandparents' house there was one of them who was all the time in their patio, they lived in a rural area and one day she arrived and stayed there.
they are incredible birds