Story Of A Gardener.

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A few years ago I wrote some of my tails of been a pizza delivery dude, and things have moved on from there.

I am now in the gardening business and a few events have come up over the past few weeks that I have thought about writing about, but today was the point that tipped my hand and I have had to share with you all.

Today, I took on a new client, she asked me to price up a job and a few days ago I went with a buddy of mine who has been doing a little bit of work for me.

We took a walk around the garden and she told us what she wanted doing, everything from grass cutting and edging and getting rid of the weeds.

We agreed on a price for two of us to attend the property and a date was set.

Today we went to the house and was met by the customer, this customer was nice and friendly but she was one of the customers that follow you around while your working to see what your doing, you know the ones, the ones that drive us all crazy.

She talked so much that by the time we were finished I could tell you the names of both her kids where they went to school and what illnesses they had while growing up.

I quoted on two hours worth of work and by the time we had finished we had been there 3 and a half hours and I was feeling pretty much done for.

While we were in the garden, there was a huge wooden cable reel that she had been using as a table in her garden, we had to move it to get around it to get to the weeds that has crept up.

I said to my mate, can you give me a hand moving it back to where we had got if from, and the mother and daughter were stood behind him.

As he lift the reel up with me, he let out this almighty rip that could only be described as a trumpet.

All of us, stud in silence for a few seconds until everybody burst into laughter, it was the funniest thing.

As me and my mate got in the car, he said to me that he was sorry for the little accident and could I take him home.

It turns out that the trump had caused him to follow through a little and we had to drive home with the windows down.

I think I need to find a new mate as I can't have that happen again. :D :D :D

until next time stay safe my friends.


hahahaha oh dear

had caused him to follow through a little

..and how about the rest of the mess in you car... haha!!

I want to hear your Kwiksave stories.. which reminds me I need to publish the next episode or it will be 2022 by the time they finish. Did you know @grindle was a Kwiksave manager as well as a Urban Explorer?

Is this what we become.. Kwiksave > Urban Explorers? It seems you may be joining that path too... soon!

We all have our cross to bear !!

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