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RE: It’s Feeling A Bit “Dystopian-esque” In St. Paul

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We had a bunch of smoke over the past couple of days here too. Not really obvious smoke, but just this kind of haze in the sky. I thought it was just the humidity, but then I saw on the news the jet stream was picking up the smoke from out west and up north and dumping it on us. It made for some beautiful sunsets, but was still a bit scary. I have a weird perspective on wildfires in general, probably not something I should get into here...


For some reason it's all congregating here. We must be getting smoke from the west coast fires as well. I'm curious to hear your perspective on the wild fires. I think I read somewhere they're necessary for forest regeneration.

Yeah, that is kind of my take on it. Despite idiots and accidents, they would happen naturally due to lightening and stuff. It has been happening for centuries. I think it just seems so horrible because humans have chosen to sprawl so much. I'm all about a cabin in the woods, just don't be all shocked and appalled when it burns down... Don't get me wrong, I have empathy for people's loss, but picking some of those locations, they kind of asked for it.