Story and Lesson N#6 The stranger

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The Story:
In a day there was a little boy goes to sleep in his bedroom,
and he was feeling fear from the darkness he was always looking at the cornar where is very dark in his room always thinking that there is a monster or a scary ghost called the Darkness and someday he will attak him, in every night whene the dark comes and people go to sleep the boy feel very afraid and goes slept very quickly so that he can't see the ghost, every night the process is repeating untily the waithing night has come a strange no a ghost has appeared from nowhere from the drak he's just a boy looks exactly like him standing in confidently, young boy felt fear of that strange boy and he speak to him :
the boy: what do you want from me? how can i make you leave me? i hate you please go away !
the strange boy : im the darkness and it seems that you're afraid of me
the boy hasn't expect that the object is real, replied i am afraid you make me imagine things very scary
the strange (smiling) : I did not and i will never hurt you i exist only in the imagination of those who fear me in order to remove fears from you, don't fear me or any other thing no one can hurt you.
Now that you are fully acquainted with and gathered your courage to dialogue with me I will leave now and I am sure you will not be afraid of me or of any other being.
Well i will go now you have become My new friend.

From today i will not fear any strange object and i will not fear the darkness.

The Lesson :
Even if the story is for kids, is appear that every human be fearing something, fearing that he will lose his work or he will lose someone, you shouldn't fear that because your fears become real

Darkness means you are deprived to see, that being the most important of our five senses. When you cannot see, you lack control over what may go wrong and this makes you vulnerable to unexpected happenings. However, if you are too scared of being in the dark, it could also mean that you have an overactive imagination. Whenever given a blank space, your mind can draw images out there and make you scared

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