[30] The story of king Wuen and Hakim Ryan…(Episode-03)

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Every day Ryan comes to the court. Meet the king Happy being the King, every day he gets valuable material.

The king once noticed that he had no leprosy. Calling Ryan a lot of money. There is no limit to his happiness today.

Wazir's gift to the king was not tolerated. She is very sad She is the owner of the king. He could also give his own life if needed. He knows that he too But there is no eye on the king. Where's the spy. Take her to the maternity house

The king came to the court in the next day in a happy mood. The rest of the court appeared. A little later Ryan came. The king came up from the throne. Ryan caught on his chest and beside him.

Many people are angry with this behavior of the king. The rumor bursts in the court. But no one dares to speak mouth.

That jealousy began to fade away. He started burning in the fire and he started to burn.

All people hate anyone or someone else. Nobody openly thinks of someone, think of someone Those who firmly believe that they are openly and mindless, they think.

The Wazir came in front of the king and said, 'Lord, I have a small application. I can not say that. But I can not believe that I am very trusted.

The king said bitterly, what would you say?
It is a gift given to someone who is not eligible for donation. The recipient who receives donations without respect, is the enemy who is the enemy.

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To be continued


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