📷 Finally made it out to the Beach today for some Maui Winter Surf!🎄🌊🌊

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My Hawaii Original Surf / Sport Photography!... Photos taken with Cannon EOS80D!人人人🌊🌊人人
I went to Hookipa Beach first and there was only one guy out. The surf was big, but a little blown out and rainy!
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After that I went to Paia Bay for some more photography, there was a lot of action going. There was even a girl (Kim) doing back flips from a log bench, talk about lucky photography session, I got a few flipped out action shots!.

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There was some powerful shore break today, one guy even broke his board!

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 5.48.28 PM.png This Guy Has good Sportsmanship, glad he's still smiling!!!

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It was fun getting out, I got a bunch of images for my blog, so it was a successful trip to the beach, glad I got to go & check it out!
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