Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #479 - by Allmonitors

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#479 - A surfer's haven in San Juan La Union.

How's your day going? Happy Thursday evening my fellow beautiful Hiveans. Before we proceed with the photos of the day just wanted to share that the wife and I finished an 8kilometer walk earlier at three in the afternoon. We tried to avoid the sun because it's still hot around that time till five in the afternoon, so we just kept walking at the river where there are shades of trees then we just have to go back again once we reach the area of the river where there's no trees to provide shade or cover from the sun. After covering such distance in more than an hour, we went to the market to buy a tray of brown eggs which I believe is healthier than the white eggs because the brown eggs are organic. Even eggs nowadays are feeling the effects of inflation, we used to get a tray around $4 but is now $5 something. Salary is not even increasing so we have to be thrift and save as much as possible every penny.

Now for our featured photos of the day, let me share these shots taken at the beach of San Juan which is a spot for those who love to surf and also for families who want to get out and experience salt water. The beach is a long coastline and there are many hotels and accomodations people can choose from depending on their budgets. The wife arranged our accomodations here via Charlie's Hangar hotel where they have an old small plane in front of their reception as a display.

After checking in, we went out to get lunch in nearby eateries which some restaurants are expensive which is normal in this type of place where there are different kinds of tourists.. some has lots of money to spare while some just have enough just like us.😉 We went back to the hotel and my son has to attend online class for a while then we also had rest then went out to the beach around three in the afternoon and took some photos of the people. Here we got a young woman who is already great in keeping her balance riding the surfboard. While I could not find the people who are attached to those two boards beside the woman surfing. Those two may still be underwater or just on the far left which was not included in the frame.😁

Far from the shore is a lone kite surfer. The person which could be a man or a woman has been there for a while and is enjoying every second of it flying the kite while riding on their board. Wow! It takes skills to do this kind of thing.

Then we got here a young man checking the strap of the board and making sure it is set before he goes to ride the waves. There is someone also sitting on the sands wearing a sombrero while taking photos of their family members swimming or surfing. There is also a sorbetes or ice cream vendor up ahead, two of them actually having a conversation while waiting for customers.

Another woman conquering the waves on her surfboard. There are other people who are also swimming on the beach so she had to be very careful on which direction she would go.

Another shot of the beach showing different ages of people enjoying the salt water while under heavy exposure from the scorching heat of the sun.

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Shot taken in La Union, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex


Aigooo! Wanna try surfing din huuhu sana kahit one time lang.

Claim it po madam 😉

My backyard 💙

Good shots 😍
I haven't seen in person doing a surf. But I know it's kind of fun. I am amazed how they can do such balancing 😍

Thanks. It takes practice to balance hehe.

Surfing! 😍🥰 Haven't tried that, but I guess it's sure fun. So bad I'm not good at balancing hehe. Want to try it toon 😩🥺❤

I too have difficulty in balancing 😁 but sure is fun.

@allmonitors I wonder what it feels like i never been try surfing in any beach around my place. Nice shots kuya sana all nagsurfing 🤩🤩

Kaya mo yan madam, malapit ka pa sa beach so mas maraming opportunity at time.😉

@allmonitors Haha natatakot ako sumakay sa ganyan ey hahaha I can't handle the big waves in the ocean. Only the strong does.