Answer 3 Questions and @slobberchops will hand you a Comment Vote! (FINISHED)

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Thanks for everyone who took part, @dismayedworld now has enough responses!


My daughter (@dismayedworld) is doing her Statistics 'A' Level course and needs a few people to answer THREE questions, as a sample survey. I did it, @bingbabe too, but she needs a few more.

The questions are... enter your email address, your gender and do you prefer dogs or cats?


That's it. I loathe asking my real-life friends to answer surveys as they can't be arsed and I quite agree.

So to compensate you lot for 30 seconds of your time, add a comment to tell me you have done it and I will give you a comment upvote from the @slobberchops account. It's all anonymous and we wont be able to see your email addresses, whether genuine or fake.

We need about 15 applicants and that will be enough for her survey. Free money for little work, no tricks, no shit, no scams, no bullshit (did I just say that?)... just a father trying to help out his daughter.

...and if you say you have done it, and have not.. I will hunt you down mercilessly and...., er OK enough of that.

Click here to answer the 3 easy questions.


Done, I prefer dogs, obviously

I might have guessed, thanks @toofasteddie 😀


Does she do any Python programming on the course? Seems to have good libraries for stats.

I don't think so, I tried to teach her VBS in 2015 but she opted out of Computer Science (much to my dismay).

My kids never really took to programming, but daughter has done some as it's needed for her science work.

Done!! Cats for the win!!!

Bigup the mogs!

All of them and their fishy furred glory!!

Am I still talking about cats!? 😜🤣

I picked cats, less shit to pick up hehe...!

They are kind enough to do it in a tray 😃


Thankye very much!

Done. Easy! :D

Great... thanks!

Done, dogs is bestest, beer is second bestest


I preferred both!



I hope she gets enough entries to achieve statistical significance.

She says she need 30 at least. 29 was the latest tally, you are probably #30 but I will let this run a little longer, thanks.

I prefer cats

Dogs of course. They may not be as smart as cats but at least they’ll wait a respectable amount of time before they start to eat your corpse. Cats feel free to start chowing done the moment you take your last breath.

They may not be as smart as cats but at least they’ll wait a respectable amount of time before they start to eat your corpse.

A very somber explanation.., but plausible!

google is good at knowing who you are, it auto filled my email for me. Hope your daughter gets enough feedback for her survey.

Thanks, she's got enough now.

good for her, and nice reach out on your part for her.


I know a few guys who are cat ladies and many ladies who are dog lovers so I am not sure my answer reflects everyone.

When @slobberchops asks, I answer!

I went for dogs

dogs everyday.... especially if theyre a knobhead like mine....

plus im allergic to cats.... the unloyal sly bastards they are...

btw... ive done it