An afternoon trip to Lucerne

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G'day everybody,Lucerne is in the heart of Switzerland and a very popular tourist destination.I'm sure,some of you have visited Lucerne already or planing it,it's well worth a visit.
As for myself,it's an easy 20 minutes ride with the train.
Lucerne is the closest city from where I (we) live now.
Whether you visit Lucerne in summer or winter,it always has something to offer for everybody.

chapel bridge and mt.pilatus.jpg

The landmark of Lucerne: Chapel bridge with the water tower and Mt.Pilatus in the background

old main gate.jpg

That's all what is left from the old train station.In the back is the current rail station.If you land in Zurich International Airport (ZRH),there is a direct train every hour on level -2 at the airport who takes you to Lucerne in an hour.

sculpture train station.jpg

Lucerne's main train station is right in the centre of town,with the lake and the KKL to one side and the old town just a few minutes walk away.Chapel bridge,old town and Schwanenplatz
(to buy watches at Bucherer and Guebelin)



Museum of art Lucerne,better known as KKL with the huge roof,a masterpiece by French architect Jean Nouvel.
The KKL hosts various international and national events during the year:Exhibitions,classical concerts,rock and pop concerts and of course the famous "Lucerne Blues Festival"
just a few to name.
The concert hall has nearly 2000 seats and has extraordinary acoustics.It also has several culinary options.


A stroll away from KKL is "Lake Lucerne",which you can board a boat and explore the city and the surrounding alps.
Mt.Rigi in the background.

the alps.jpg

The alps and the overhanging roof of the KKL


The view from the other end of the "Seebruecke" towards KKL,train station and the alps.
Cross the road around here and you are almost near the Chapel bridge.First picture....


Part of the old town along "Rathausquai",
taken from the Chapel bridge.
The river "Reuss" divide the old town and the new town.

paint on the wall.jpg


Paintings on the chapel bridge.
After the fire in 1993,the remains of 47 paintings were collected, although only 30 were ultimately fully restored.
The Chapel Bridge is the world's oldest covered wooden bridge,which dates back to the year 1332.
The bridge was rebuilt true to the original after the fire of 1993 and leads to the actual landmark of Lucerne, the octagonal Water Tower.


Throughout the centuries, the tower was variably used as a prison and torture chamber.
Today, the tower is closed to the public, although it houses a small tourist gift shop.

Mt Pilatus.jpg
Mt.Pilatus, 2128 m - 6,982 ft

So,that is "Luzern"in a nutshell.There are many more sightseeing,events in town,which I'm gonna cover in another post.
Have you been to "Luzern" and want to tell something special?,or something I missed?
Please feel free to leave a comment.....

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All pictures made by myself at 21.12.2017

Stay tuned...more to come from Switzerland...

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thanks for that Jegor,all good.went to Luzern again today to buy some thai ingredients in an asian shop.the weather wasnt that good,otherwise i would have made more awesome pictures from time.....

Gorgeous photos, keep them coming my friend, thanks for sharing, sawadee.

thanks mate,i will.
no problem at all,a pleasure to show you the area where i'm staying now.....

That looks like an amazing place to visit. I haven't read your backlog of posts, are you an Aussie living in Europe?

it is an amazing place to visit(Central switzerland),that's for sure.the getaway to the swiss alps.
no mate,im born and bred around here near luzern,but used to live in WA for about 10years.the past 2 years i stayed in thailand,before moving back to switzerland.

Ah fantastic. I lived in WA for 10 years as well. Moved to the other side of Australia 2 years ago.

I can alslmost hear the Aussie accent in your writing which is why I thought you might be one. :)

alright,im pretty sure once you would here me speaking you would not hear a lot of an aussie
have a nice weekend mate

I'm sure any accent you developed in your 10 years here is long gone now that you are back over there.

You have a great weekend too. :)

yes mate,it is unfortunately...
thank you....

those are all very nice shots! would very much want to visit there one day. one day!

thank you very much for your nice comment mate.
one day mate you will,let me know when you there,i live not far away...keep steeming mate...and you get there sooner....

I'll let you know too! ;)

yes,no worries Jegor