A Quick Update on Driftwood Spirits and Something New

A week or so ago I announced Mercury Synthetic and Driftwood Spirits.

Mercury Synthetic is out now, and Driftwood Spirits has been semi-postponed for a couple weeks. I expect it out before the end of may, but Mercury Synthetic grew to about three times the size I thought it was going to be and I have a sneaking suspicion that Driftwood Spirits may as well.

There was a very muted response to the initial release of Mercury Synthetic, but it's picked up a lot of traffic over the weekend for some reason, apparently from the itch.io "Newest Games" function.

CODECO is still running as well, and while I'm working on that it'll eat a certain amount of my productive time, so bear in mind that it's going to delay Driftwood Souls because I'm hoping to have the final presentation-ready version of that game by Saturday.

Oh, and I have a new project that I've come up with a perfect idea for a system to power.

I don't want to say a whole lot about it yet, but there's some hints I'm going to give right here and now about it: it'll be a d10 pool system, and this is a mock-up of the character sheet.

This is part of my initiative to go back and give all my old games a worthy finished version. People who are intimately familiar with my past work might be able to figure out what it is, though you won't see its original floating around many places.

It's a distant future thing, but I'll probably feel comfortable talking about it in more depth later in May once I've burned through CODECO and Driftwood Spirits (if all goes well).

secret test.png