Strawberry Farms in Taiwan - Dahu Township in Miaoli

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Its been about 2 months since I moved from USA to Taiwan and many things I hear about this wonderful country is that the fruits are amazingly good. Wanted to experience it for myself firsthand so I went off to a nearby town where people said they are known for strawberries. The area is known by Dahu Township in Miaoli County and it was about an hour drive from where I live in Taiwan.


I must say I wasn't disappointed.:)
The strawberries were absolutely tangy and sweet!!

The photos taken are not color enhanced in anyway. I am posting the photos as is and not touched up. As you can see they are naturally so beautiful.

The farms provide a small basket with some scissors so you can search around and pick out the strawberries you want and later buy them when finished.

My son was having a great time picking and excited to eat them fresh when we got home. It's a great place for families with kids to visit and get to see where strawberries really come from.

My sons handpicked strawberries.

I took a photo of one of strawberry fields made for guests to pick out their own and walk around. This is just one of many many fields out there.

Strawberry treasure hunt!
We were trying to find the biggest and bright red colored in the whole field and its exciting to find one when unexpected. Hidden behind the leaves~ :)

I also never knew strawberry flowers were so beautiful~

I have posted a link below that will point out where Dahu Township is located. If by any chance you folks are in Taiwan for a trip with family I highly recommend giving it a try :

Thanks for checking out my post~
I am new to this community and will try to continue to blog my journey and adventures here. Much appreciated!


Oh very cool, I went strawberry picking in Georgia and it was fun too. My favorite part was getting to keep the little buckets we got while paying to collect them. We use the buckets all the time to collect blueberries and the sweet potatoes. That Dahu Township looks cool, I see some bamboo growing in the background.

Lovely strawberries, those are big! Reminds me I need to thin out my strawberry patches so they will grow as big as those.

Great first post on Hive! Hope you are going good in Taiwan!

Thanks a lot Solo!!!~~~ I couldn’t have done it without your support and introducing me to this amazing platform. Lets make it grow!!!

Hi there! Welcome to Taiwan!! Well sort of as was living there for four years but been away since last year. Great to see another Hiver from Taiwan.

The fruit variety is great in Taiwan, if you haven't yet, you really need to try them alk throughout the year, especially the pineapple there is a big eat pineapple campaign going in at the moment.

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Amazing~~~ Definitely will contribute more to the Taiwan community for foreigners and local alike for honest reviews and experiences. Thank you~

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Nice~~~ will definitely be a part of the community. I am still new at blogging but I would love to share my experiences and knowledge of my jouney in hopes to help others. Luvs~~~