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RE: A tarot look at Jupiter in Pisces

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It was Saturn and Uranus. There's something about those two planets in astrology, so I heard. Neptune? Didn't make sense to me. It was Uranus of course.
I sense there's some nasty radiation coming from some base on the moon. A Draco-Orion base. I think it was recently taken over by the Galactic Federation. Corey Goode says it's the other way around, I do not trust him. Anyway, your moon card shows this nasty radiation, the effect it has on people. That's quite an extraordinary deck you got there.
The ships in the background, they could refer to perception. Native Americans could not perceive the ships of the Europeans who came with those ships, because their frame of reference did not know the concept of vessels floating on water. They simply could not see the ships. Their perception couldn't handle it. Maybe they had canoes on small water, but you just could not go on the big water, not by their logic. The big water would just devour you.
Peace! ☮️