A tarot look at Minneapolis and big cities of the world

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Happy almost June, Hive.
Today I am taking a look first at Minneapolis, and then at big cities in general. I have noticed a trend of people in Minneapolis losing their minds, and I am not so sure that they notice. It reminds me of the frog in a kettle of water. The water is heating up, but it's a slow heating, so the frog doesn't even notice. I'm only in the city a few times a month, so I have noticed.
What is the deal?
Let's see what the cards have to say...

It looks like there is an underlying need for people to take control of their lives and to commit to some kind of space. This is compounded with a fear of things we have put lots of energy into being taken from us, and also a general backlash to people expressing their truth.
As I tried to find out if there is some kind of mass event looming, the cards showed a disruption to our patterns, but it would happen on an individual level and not necessarily from a mass event.
When I look at big cities around the world, it shows a confusion that is being projected. This is undoubtedly true about the gaslighting that all major media sources and all governments do to their people. We are being fucked with. As far as an antidote to the confusion goes, the card that comes up is a 6 of Wands. Try to be around the people who see you and appreciate you, and also try to acknowledge the things that others are doing to improve themselves.
May we find peace in this season...