Rice Garden's Teow Chew style cuisine

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After a having our weekly stroll around our place, we have decided to go for a heavy meal. After all, it’s only my breakfast and I was so tired walking around.

This time we went for one of the hawkers food centre near my area, it's called the Rice Garden. It's a Teochew style food which is basically a Chinese cuisine.


One thing that I truly enjoy about this kind of setup is that the dishes are all laid out to me and I have freedom to mix-&-match the dishes that I wish. Take note, there is no limitation on how many dishes do you want.


Obviously, choose whatever you can pay.

Among all the choices, the one that interest me is the Deep fried Fish that is braised on a soy-based sauce. And I paired it with a sauteed mixed vegetable which is mainly a cauliflower.


I end up choosing only two dishes, which I think is really filling my stomach already. It actually cost me S$5.20, and it's because of the fish. Normally, fish is the one that will cost more in this selection.


At first glance, the fish seemed dry however, it still retains its tenderness and it's still quite moist. While the sauteed vegetable is quite bland, it's a good thing that they allow me to have a sauce of my choice to be poured over the rice. I chose the same sauce as the fish dish.


When it comes to the place, I like that it's an open planning type of establishment. Even though it isn't an air conditioned establishment, there is enough ventilation. It also helped that ceiling is quite high. I still feel comfortable while eating into this place.

Restaurant Information

Rice Garden
878B Tampines Ave 8, Singapore 522878

Rice Garden's Teow Chew style cuisine
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Great photos and good review. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks @harmonyval, happy that like it🥂

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