Well, fuck...

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I'm working on my taxes for 2020, and I'm using Cryptotrader for reporting my transactions and investments. If there's one group I won't mess with, it's the IRS. Not even The Joker, the clown prince of crime himself, will mess with the IRS!

But I digress. I've imported my transactions from exchanges, no issues. The problem, however, is the issue of all that Steem I divested after we all told Justin Sun to go fork himself. I can see it all on steemd, it shows all the Steem and SBD I ever earned. The only problem? It's 367 pages of entries, and I have no desire to manually go through line by line to put into a CSV for Cryptotrader to handle.

Cryptotrader won't pull the report needed for my taxes without it. I'm sure it would be stupid easy to script out a little spider to look for author rewards, curation rewards, and anything sent or received. I just don't know how to do it myself...

Anyone got a tool that could do that?


The IRS is still using COBOL. And they’ve been trimming their auditing staff. If the IRS was a person, it would be dead man walking.

For what it’s worth, two years ago our CPA laughed when I expressed concern about the tax implications of thousands of micro transactions.

Not advice of course, but my guess is that they have no real clue about crypto and just rely on fear as a method to convince people to report something.

But if you’ve done anything through Coinbase, you can download a CSV of at least those transactions.

The issue is the Steem I sold on Bittrex to buy more hive after the hardfork last year. That Steem needs to be reported since apparently it's enough to be a reportable thing. And the tool I use for all the other reporting won't let me go further without it. I think I've got it figured out now, though. So at least there's that!

We should have never even let taxes and regulation take root in the crypto market. It should have been either fought or ignored into the realm of the unenforceable at every step. I hope more people will be non-compliant. It's a dangerous trend.

You can do that, I won't. I'll take Mr. J's advice on this one. Now, do you know an easy way to export the transactions from Steemd?

Sorry man, sure don't. I can't remember off the top of my head who runs steemd, but that would be the guy to talk to. Maybe you could get ahold of him on Discord?