Covid 19 - Dine in

in #teammalaysia2 years ago


Far apart are the tables.

Half of the diners eating.

On the tables are disinfectant sprays with food that is sold? I did not tell the owner it isn't proper to do that. But it isn't.

Would this place still exist in the future??

This picture would serve as a time frozen for any future references. I have still not yet fully been able to adapt to this new way of life. There is some sort of worry financially and I think it's what many are worries about too.

Betting on cryptos to go on the run so if it does everything goes down, there is still some hope at the end of the tunnel. The light is far far away.

Schools in Malaysia are still closed. Schools in Brunei are to re open next week running at 30 percent capacity priortizing exam classes. 1.5 meters apart students sit.