Finally, after all that hardwork, I am now a Dolphin.

in #teammalaysia9 months ago (edited)

Being in this Hive blockchain (from Steem) for more than a year now has been a roller coaster ride. There were a peak time and also downtime which I think most users here do experience.

I still remembered when I first joined Steem, I was really excited. Then, at some point, I did come across hurdles which led me parting away from this blockchain for nearly six months due to career, business, study and family. It was a hard decision to be parting looking at how I loved being in this blockchain.


Now, I proud to say, here I am, back to this blockchain. Mostly, the returning factor was influeced greatly by the community and I felt that the existence of Hive came into the perfect time when I have truly settled down. Hence, I revived all the hard work poured back into this blockchain.

Here I am now, a Dolphin.

It was a personal goal I set back ever since starting. The final 400 HP was marked towards achieving that goal one step at a time.


With this goal achieved, I am now ready to set sail for other goals. I strongly believe you will be able to achieve too!

Thanks for the support and let's support each other!


Congrats man, saw that you are at the land beneath the wind, way to represent yo!

Thanks man!

Nice Bro... Congratulation .... i can see you active balik oh ... dammm i think i should too

Thanks bro! Come, this is the right time to make a comeback bro!

Suda write a new post, hehe... bahh atur... ko boleh upvote sedia my post, when ever I post. cuba ko pegi, pegi fan base, you can control your vote power , brapa post ko mau upvote, siapa ko mau upvote, settings sana... suda sya letak ko as my fan base, so every time ko post , 30min later, sya automatic upvote your post, sinang kalaja, ndak payah cari post ko hari2. Lol 😆 pemalas punya style... sya letak twice upvote per day for you

Done bro! I was looking on how to use that function.🤭

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