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RE: Is LOVE more powerful than EVIL?

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The support that terrible situations bring is always very moving. In unfortunate events it is great to see the good in humanity.

Also, I haven’t heard anything about this being a false flag, or a fake shooting? What is the reasoning or evidence that some people have to point to that conclusion? I have read about them before regarding shootings in the US but I haven’t about this one, just wondering if you have any info. Hope you have a great day :)


The indicators are:

  • no blood at the scene
  • windshield not broken in a car supposedly shot through
  • the bodies fall oddly and look like mannequins
  • there is a box in place in a stairwell that is there before he got there. He passes it once and then comes back to open it and reloads from it.
  • there were "terror" drills running at the same time as the incident and people from the drills involved in the so-called capture.
  • the guy was captured in minutes in a random place without even having a description of him broadcast.
  • new laws all ready to go in NZ - these things take time, not overnight.

This is what I got a couple of days ago when I went to look on some sites I use. I did not bother to investigate on my own, but you can easily find this.

Wow, I didn’t know any of this... thanks for informing me I’m going to have a look. Cheers

Nothing is being said here in NZ, but some overseas commentators have looked closely at the video (which I have no desire to do) and are convinced that it's fake. They are also seeing some of the same signs as previous false flags. That doesn't mean I agree with them, I really have no idea! I just wanted to acknowledge that there are different views of what happened. But I feel it's more important to focus on the reaction.